How To Plan Your Own Big Fat Greek Wedding Party

After over a decade since the release of the hilarious romantic comedy that was the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we are extremely excited about the premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 this week. The return of our favorite Greek family to the big screen is definitely the perfect excuse to celebrate with your own Big Fat Greek Wedding party.

New York event planner Sofia Crokos is a first generation Greek-American, who grew up in a huge family — which she says is just like the family in the movie — in Brooklyn. Sofia has shared her top tips with us, to show you how to host the perfect, authentic Big Fat Greek Wedding party in the comfort of your own home.

The evening should begin with traditional Greek appetizers. Bowls filled with fresh, citrusy tzatziki, salty taramosalata, and garlicy skordalia are the perfect way to start. Shared among the guests with plenty of bread, crackers, and crudités to dip into them, these dishes will get the party off to a perfectly relaxed and delicious start. Serve these dips with some iced Ouzo to get everyone into the party spirit.

For the main dish, mark the special wedding party occasion by serving whole grilled fish, Crokos' favorite shrimp with tomatoes and Greek feta, and grape leaves stuffed with rice, which are a traditional Greek wedding food as they symbolize a prosperous marriage. With plenty of Mediterranean-inspired food, fresh Greek ingredients like feta, fresh fish, and ripe tomatoes, you'll be hosting a feast fit for even the craziest Greek family.

Every Greek wedding needs to end with several Greek sweet treats. Crokos recommends sticking to the traditional favorites, which are certainly sweet enough to put everyone in a celebratory plate-smashing frenzy. Offer around a range of sticky baklava, sweet kataifi, and some specialty deep-fried loukoumades to make sure that even the sweetest teeth are satisfied.

If you really want to transport your guests to the Mediterranean with more than just a fabulous meal at your Big Fat Greek Wedding party, decorate your room with olive branches, and small vases of wild flowers to bring the Greek outdoors into your home. Use bright white, cream, and blue linens on the table, and to decorate the dining room, as the finishing touch to hosting the ultimate Big Fat Greek party.