How to Have a Perfect Spring Break Staycation With Your Kids

You don’t need to go far to have an incredible week off
Spring Break Staycation Ideas


Take time this spring break to play tourist in your hometown.

Not every family has the time or disposable income to take a lavish spring break vacation during the weeklong break from school. While some households pack up the car and take a road trip to the beach or Walt Disney World, many other families spend the seven days at home just enjoying each other’s company.

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But just because you don’t leave home during your children’s spring break doesn’t mean you can’t have an incredible week. This valuable time off of school (and work) can be perfect for reconnecting with your kids and the town you live in. To have a perfect staycation, it’s important to slow down, sleep in, and spend quality time together. You can have tons of fun in your own home by cooking creative, indulgent meals, crafting up a storm, or trying your hand at making your own ice cream.

But no staycation would be complete without doing a little exploring. Getting out of the house and visiting local museums and parks can help make a week feel special without even leaving your area code.

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