Hot Dogs

Why Is a Hot Dog a Snack Option at the Movie Theater?

Sure, a hot dog is the closest thing you can get to an actual meal at most movie theaters, but who is ordering this?

There’s nothing like a snack at the movie theater. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeing an animated comedy or Oscar-nominated drama, it’s hard to sit in one of those cushioned seats with the cupholder and not crave some gummy bears or popcorn with that oh-so-delicious and unhealthy butter. But there’s one movie snack that is incredibly foul and offensive yet omnipresent: the hot dog.

It doesn’t matter if you go to the local arthouse screen or a massive AMC with balcony seating, when you walk up to the concession stand, you’ll find a hot dog mysteriously on the menu, right next to the Milk Duds, nachos, and Twizzlers. If you look to your left, you’ll see them there, rotating on a little heater, spinning and overcooking with every passing movie screening. Because, let’s be real, no one is ordering a movie theater hot dog (or they shouldn’t be).

Movie theater hot dogs are not only unappealing to the eye, they’re smelly, rubbery, and questionable-tasting at best.

It’s not even like movie theaters have ketchup or relish as topping offerings, so you’re not just eating a weird, overpriced hot dog — you’re eating it plain. If you’re craving a hot dog, skip the concession stand and consider eating one of America’s best hot dogs instead.