Host A Cupcakes And Cocktails Bridal Shower (Slideshow)

The Invitations

To ensure everyone knows what kind of party it is, make sure that your invitations are on point. There are a host of different themes and color schemes to play off, but make sure no matter what you choose that the central theme is included. To make for a truly adorable party, with the invitation request that guests fill out an attached recipe card so they can share their favorite cupcake recipes.

The Food

Of course, a cupcakes and cocktails party isn't complete without a vast array of cupcakes. To give your bride-to-be-bestie a truly sweet time, try making (or buying, they ship nationwide) Prohibition Bakery's booze-inspired cupcakes. Just make sure that you label them 21-plus in case there are a few flower girls with sweet tooths running around. 

The Cocktails

To perfectly pair your cupcakes with your cocktails, you have to learn how to drink your dessert. Try any of these decadent cocktails for a sweet drink that you can make for the adults and the kids at the party. To avoid sugar overload, try pairing your desserts with appropriately flavored wine and champagne to complement your cupcakes.

The Dessert Table

Of course, your dessert table should have more than just cupcakes on it. You can include candies and other sweets to complement your cupcake selection. Decorate it with amazing print-outs or just look for quirky cupcake-accented things to arrange on the table.  

The Centerpieces

Since you've already baked or bought dozens of cupcakes, for a simple centerpiece just arrange mini cupcake stands at the center of the table. You can then either place real cupcakes on them or get creative and make colorful fake cupcakes that the bride-to-be will love to use as fun décor in her home kitchen!

The Linens

Depending on your bride's style, the linens on the tables can be as subtle or as festive as you'd like them to be. Aside from an adorable tablecloth or embroidered napkins, coordinate with other bridesmaids to show up in various adorable aprons that you can later give as a gift to the woman of the hour! 

The Bridesmaid’s Gifts

Speaking of gifts, you can't have a cupcake party without arming your favorite cupcake enthusiast with the necessary equipment. Pull together a basket featuring tools like decorating pipes, cupcake tins, mixers, and more to make baking a breeze. Add in a few fun items like her favorite cupcake cookbook and you'll have a heartfelt, useful gift she will adore!

The FavorsThe Favors

There are so many things you can give attendees of your party that will fit your theme. Some of our favorite favors were these adorable cake mix boxes that you can personalize with delicious flavors and labels to match your shower perfectly!