Have Kids With Allergies? Read This Party Survival Guide

Having a child with food allergies isn't necessarily the end of the world. There are just some foods that do not agree with certain people. Dealing with restrictions doesn't have to be a daunting task, but it does take some planning and awareness. Benjamin Franklin said "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail," and that definitely applies for having kids with food allergies. If you're attending Labor Day festivities or need some tips for upcoming holiday parties, we're here to help. With a few of our tips at the ready, you'll become a pro at this in no time.

Arrive Prepared

If you're attending a potluck party, keep your children in mind. Bring a dish that your child absolutely loves so that if other kids are eating foods he can't touch, then he won't feel left out.

Eat Beforehand

If you forget to notify the host of any food allergies, then feed your child before attending the party. It's much easier for her to refuse a dish on a full stomach than an empty one.

Focus on the Positive

A really great way to navigate your kid's food allergy at a party is to focus on what your child can eat rather what he cannot.


Your RSVP is the perfect time for you to let your host know that your child has food allergies. The last thing you want is a reaction from your child if she eats the wrong thing. Remember that your host(ess) is planning the perfect party — and it wouldn't be perfect if a guest couldn't enjoy it.