The Guiltiest Food Pleasures Of Celebrities

We place celebrities on the highest of pedestals. With their chiseled bodies and their enormous talents, we are overwhelmed by the perfect facade they (see: their publicists) create for us. After all, it's mighty easy to have the perfect face with an army of makeup artists and a flat tummy with a team of nutritionists.

The Guiltiest Food Pleasures of Celebrities

But every now and then, the veil lifts, the pedestal is lowered, and we remember that these celebrities are people, too. While, granted, there has been more and more celebrity transparency lately (we love the #iwokeuplikethis movement), it is a rare treat when we get celebrities to confess their dirty secrets — or when we catch them in the act. We are, of course, talking about their stealthy love of guilty pleasure food.

Believe it or not, many of those kale-toting celebrities have a soft spot for junk. From Justin Timberlake's not-so-secret love affair with Taco Bell to the Bieb's obsession with In-N-Out, they all have guilty pleasures that they treat themselves to every now and then. Find out what even the most disciplined celebrities love to order from the snack machine!


The crazy-for-kale queen was caught red-handed chowing down on a few naughty treats while lounging beside a swimming pool. She discreetly enjoyed bites of fried chicken (but, to be fair, they may be vegan bites), a pot pie, and a sweet dessert. Moral of the story: If Beyoncé can enjoy herself by the pool, you can too!

Justin Bieber 

You know the Biebs feels little shame for any of his actions, so we aren't quite sure if he has a food pleasure he actually feels guilty about. But we do know that when this pop star needs a little something, he heads to In-N-Out burger