Dirty Dishes


Give Yourself an Annual Break From These Daily Chores

Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day by ignoring all your grown-up household chores

Every year, on this day, there’s a national holiday that you may not be aware of, and it’s called No Dirty Dishes Day. This day has been created to give everybody a break from the dreaded daily household chore of washing our pots, pans, plates, and bowls. This gives us the perfect excuse to eat out, order takeout, or eat a picnic on recyclable paper plates: Not having to do the dishes vastly improves a normal weekday. But why should we just get a day off from doing the dishes? Here are the 10 most mundane chores we believe we deserve a break from at least once a year.

Give Yourself an Annual Break From These Daily Chores (Slideshow)

We’re not saying that these chores should be avoided every day: It’s not realistic to imagine we can afford to live like a princess all year round. But once a year, everybody deserves a break. Whether you crave being able to ignore the dirty dishes or your messy bedroom for 24 hours, or to skip standing in line at the grocery store, we encourage you to spoil yourself by ignoring your grownup responsibilities every once in a while — this simple, small change in your day will make you so much happier. Make sure this self-indulgent behavior doesn’t become normal though, or the novelty will wear off, and you’ll be much less easily pleased.

Inspired by National No Dirty Dishes Day, here are the 10 daily chores we encourage you to take a break from at least once this year, whether there’s a national holiday to validate this behavior or not.

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