Dinner Table Pet Etiquette: When It’s Not Just You and Fido at Home

Make sure you and Fido remember how to behave in front of your friends when you’re hosting a dinner party


No paws on the table at dinner time, please.

When you host a dinner party, there are many etiquette rules that you are expected to follow, but one major part of hosting that isn’t often discussed is what to do with your beloved pets when you have guests over. We all love our pets greatly, but, sadly, this doesn’t mean your friends will, too. In fact, your guests may even be scared of or allergic to fluffy Fido — as incomprehensible as that may be to you — so you need to make sure your pet behaves, and that you are sufficiently strict and don’t treat your pet like a human being.

Dinner Table Pet Etiquette: When It’s Not Just You and Fido at Home (Slideshow)

On those nights when you’re home alone, just you and Fido, you can behave however you want; we really don’t mind. But when you’re hosting dinner, you need to make sure both you and Fido behave. There are many things you probably do without realizing, such as giving Fido a taste of your food directly from your finger, or letting Fido rest his or her head on your lap while you eat, which you find totally normal, but your guests may not think is so acceptable.

If you haven’t trained your pet well, and it always begs, barks, climbs, paws, or licks no matter what you tell it to do, you should consider moving your fluffy friend to a different room while you eat so that your guests aren’t upset, scared, or put off their meal by your pet’s behavior. If you do have a well-trained pet, then make sure you’re both on your best behaviors — and Fido definitely should not be the endless center of attention.

Read on to find out the top 12 pet etiquette rules you should always follow when you’re hosting a dinner party in your own pet-loving home.

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