11 Human Foods That Are Bad for Dogs

Keep your furry friend safe by making sure these harmful foods are out of reach


Keep your pup away from these table foods.

All pet owners know that when it comes to sharing your life with a dog, it is sort of like having a child. After all, your furry friends really become your furry family in the time you are together. You share evening walks and lazy Sunday mornings. You bond at parks and even treat them to birthday treats on their special day. Your home is their home. And all pet owners, no matter how fervently they deny it, even share a little bite from their dinner plates with their pets.

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While some extra treats are just fine for begging dogs, did you know that some of your table scraps can be extremely harmful, or even deadly, to Fido if ingested? Some of the most typical, everyday foods that humans enjoy on a regular basis are actually lethal when consumed by animals. Now of course, sneaking table scraps isn’t the only way dogs can get a hold of such toxic stuff. Tenacious puppies that are guilty of "counter surfing" and picking from the garbage can turn bad behavior into a deadly accident 

In an effort to keep your puppy safe, we compiled a list using the FDA, ASPCA, and other dog rescue sites to make a list of some of the deadliest or most harmful foods a dog can encounter. If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time, be sure to keep these foods way out of a curious puppy’s reach.

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