These Cracker Barrel Employees Took Wedding Photos at Their Restaurant

The couple met and fell in love at work

A couple took their wedding photos at the Cracker Barrel where they work — the place where they first met and fell in love. 

Couples often choose to get engaged or have their wedding photos taken at the place where they fell in love — and this resulted in an adorable photo shoot for two Cracker Barrel employees. Katrina and Travis Nelson’s love story began at their place of employment, and they wanted their wedding and engagement photos to show it.

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The now-newlywed Nelsons met while working at a Cracker Barrel store in Christiansburg, Virginia. Although Travis proposed to Katrina at home and the couple married last Halloween in a relative's backyard, they wanted to pay tribute to the special place where it all began — at Cracker Barrel. 

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Jessica Dotson Photography

“We really just wanted to celebrate where it all started. I thought it would be a really cute memory and a great story to tell,” the Nelsons told The Daily Meal of having their wedding and engagement photos done at the chain restaurant.

The couple, who count their favorite Cracker Barrel menu items as the Sunday Homestyle Chicken, the Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout, and pancakes, said that it was fun to see how excited their wedding photographer Meg got with their adorable photo location idea.

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Meg U Photography

“She was so inspired by doing something different than what’s normally expected from her. I mean, she was actually bouncing around. It was awesome to see her creative juices flowing. I loved working with her,” they told us.


The couple are currently celebrating three months of marriage and both still work at Cracker Barrel — the best casual dining chain in America, according to one survey. While Katrina and Travis chose to take their wedding photos in a Cracker Barrel after tying the knot elsewhere, there are a lot of chain restaurants that you can actually get married in.