Coffee Ice Cubes Are Here To Save Your Summer

There's no other drink which we crave quite as much as a perfect iced coffee on a hot summer's day. An iced coffee — whether it's black, an iced latte, or a nitro cold brew — is almost always the first thing we sip on every morning throughout these summer months, and we continue to drink our way through many of these chilled, caffeinated, totally delicious beverages throughout the day. Although we don't have a cure for this addiction, we can offer you a money-saving hack: the solution to finally swapping the expensive coffee shop drinks for the tastiest-ever iced coffee, made in your own home.

Normally, our attempts at homemade iced coffee lead to an underwhelming result. We rarely manage to achieve the perfect balance between being strong and being really cold, and so we tend to give up and go out and buy one from our favorite café anyway. Thankfully, we've finally discovered a way to revolutionize your homemade iced coffee, and the solution is simple: coffee ice cubes.

To make coffee ice cubes, simply brew a batch of coffee, pour it into your ice cube tray, and freeze until solid. You need to plan ahead, but if you make multiple trays-worth at the same time, they'll keep you going for a while. You may be skeptical about how life-changing these coffee ice cubes can be, but we just ask you to try them, and you'll understand. Their power lies in their ability to multitask, simultaneously solving all your homemade iced coffee dilemmas. Add a few to your chilled coffee, instead of regular ice, and as they melt they'll make your coffee stronger, not weaker, as well as cooling your drink down. They work just as well in a homemade iced latte as in a black coffee. You could even add them to cold chocolate milk to create a makeshift mocha. Please don't blame us when you have no room in your freezer for anything but these delicious frozen cubes of energy.