Chicken Caesar Salad Is Literally The Most Perfect Dish Ever

Think of your absolute perfect meal. You probably have some protein in there, definitely some vegetables to make you feel healthy, something crunchy and bready for that gluten fix, and something creamy and flavorful to bring it all together. It's quick and healthy. And it's easily adaptable for all members of your household and time of year. Now think of a chicken Caesar salad. Oh, shoot? Is it actually the perfect meal we listed above? Is your mind totally blown? Well, it shouldn't be. Because, as the title of this post suggests, chicken Caesar salad is pretty much the most perfect dish you could ever conceive of.
Why? It has everything: protein, vegetables, grains, and dairy.

The protein comes courtesy of grilled chicken. When seasoned and cooked properly, a piece of grilled chicken breast is a simple yet delicious thing. And it's a lean protein! Those are good for you. The vegetables come, of course, from the greens of the salad, but you can also go crazy by loading that salad up with more fixings. Do you want bell pepper, cucumber, onions, or tomato on your Caesar salad? Add them in! All veggies can work with the basic flavors of the Caesar salad. Then, you have your grains, which come from crunchy, salty croutons, which are a necessity for any good salad. Finally, you top that baby off with some Parmesan cheese and a creamy bottled Caesar dressing or perhaps a homemade Caesar with anchovies, olive oil, and lemon. That's up to you. Bottled Caesar dressing is convenient and delicious; homemade dressing is salty and divine.

If that's not enough for you, just think about how easy the chicken Caesar salad is to compile. You can have dinner on the table in, like, 15 minutes! That's perfect for those busy weeknights when you come home from work at 7 o'clock and are too exhausted to cook but too broke to get dinner out.

The Caesar salad is also easily adaptable to your needs. Do you want to make it portable? Wrap it up in a tortilla. Do you want to make it trendy? Replace your lettuce with kale. So the next time you're planning your weekly dinner (or lunch) menu, add in a chicken Caesar salad. And maybe consider these 25 other grilled chicken recipes, just for some variation.