Can You Guess When These Wedding Trends Were In?

Test your historic wedding knowledge with our quiz

It should go without saying, but wedding trends and wedding planning have evolved immensely over the last century. Today, it’s all about natural greenery, locally-sourced foods, and customizing every last detail. But in days past, weddings were fairly cookie-cutter. If you went to one wedding in 1985, you went to them all.

However, throughout the decades what was in these cookie-cutter weddings was very, very different. Would the bride be wearing big, puffy sleeves or a sheath slip dress? Was the cake a towering, white, elegant display or a bunch of cupcakes stacked on top of one another?

It may seem totally obvious what wedding trends came from which decade. We all know that the 1940s were about quick marriages as men went off to war, the ‘80s were all about bigger and puffier hair, dresses, and cakes, and that the 2010s are about Mason jars and chalkboards. But identifying these wedding trends is actually pretty tricky. See how well you can guess when these wedding trends were in by taking our quiz below!



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