Birthday Parties


Olympic rings
For parents of children born in the winter months, it can often be a challenge to come up with an interesting birthday party activity for an active group of six year-olds. But with a little creativity, and if you clear the furniture out of the living room for a day, you can host your own Olympic-themed birthday party for your son or daughter. In...
Turning 30 can be a bit of an eye-opener for some people. Not for LeAnn Rimes, though. The country singer recently threw a "Die, 20s, Die" birthday party to embrace the big 3-0 with open arms. Rimes told People, "I had so many amazing things happen in my 20s, and I also had a lot of hard lessons to learn. I'm ready to put those lessons into play...
Dwyane Wade and LeBron James
It’s the best kind of present sports fans could ever ask for this year — the season openers for the 2011-2012 NBA season on Dec. 25. Many eyes will be on LeBron James and his Heat teammates this year, already championship favorites according to the NY Daily News.  But it’s not just about the game this year. December 30 is a mere five days after...
Over-the-Top Themed Parties for Grown-Ups
Regardless of your age, one thing always rings true — there is no better way to welcome in another year than with a festive themed bash in your honor. So celebrate your birthday in style, and if you thought cupcake toppers and candy buffets were reserved for the little ones, well, think again. Click here for Over-the-Top Themed Parties for Grown-...

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