Antoni Porowski's Quick And Easy French Omelette

Before Antoni Porowski rose to fame as the food expert on Netflix's Queer Eye revival, he served as a personal chef to original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy food expert Ted Allen, who is now the host of Food Network's Chopped. Porowski specializes in teaching amateur men simple recipes that still "wow" in the kitchen. While he's most famous for his guacamole with Greek yogurt, this dairy-obsessed self-taught chef has a few other tricks up his sleeve for date night.

"In 15 minutes or less make — easier said than done, but once you got it, it's actually not that complicated — the perfect French omelette," Porowski told The Daily Meal. The secret to this show-stopping fluffy and delicate dish is butter and patience.

"It's all about slowly cooking it, getting the eggs to curdle perfectly, and just folding it over so that it's this beautiful, yellow mold of deliciousness," the 34-year-old said. "And buy the most expensive eggs you can find. Buy the good farmer's eggs that are like $7 a dozen."

After coming home from the market, mix your eggs in a bowl to get them totally mixed through and homogenized. And just when you're about to reach for the olive oil to slick the pan — don't.

"You have to use butter. There's no substitute," Porowski said, adding that olive oil is to be used only for crispy eggs. After throwing the eggs in a pan at a low heat, the Canadian-born Polish TV personality suggests using chopsticks to curdle the yolk. This is a popular method that chefs use to make tamago, a bite-sized omelette dish idolized in Japan.

As the eggs begin to fully cook on the outside, Porowski says to tilt and toss the pan slowly until everything folds over gently. While French omelettes traditionally consist of only egg, butter, and salt, he says, "You can make it special by adding fresh truffles. If you want to make it really chic, a bit of chives chopped on top. I like to put chives or you can cook the mushrooms ahead of time and get them really nice and crispy, or you can throw in goat cheese. You can throw in anything you want, but master it with just the egg alone and then you can make it a weeknight meal."

To top it all off, the TV host suggests a spot of salad.

"I love a bit of arugula tossed in olive oil and pepper over it to just have something nice and fresh and green," he said. "But learn how to make it on its own and then just kind of build it from there."

For visual learners and those who need a little extra help making a truly flawless French omelette, research acclaimed international chef Jacques Pépin, who Porowski calls a culinary legend and an icon. The 82-year-old is famous for his omelette tutorial, in which he makes foolproof, gorgeous eggs in less than three minutes. YouTuber Alex French Guy Cooking recently attempted to recreate the dish using Pépin's techniques, which garnered a video response from the egg expert himself.

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