Chef Jacques Pépin Posts Video Praising YouTuber's Omelette

Popular cooking YouTuber Alex French Guy Cooking had his omelette-making attempts reviewed by acclaimed international chef Jacques Pépin. In his video "I Try to Master Jacques Pépin's Perfect Omelet..." Alex does exactly that. The popular YouTuber attempts to recreate Pépin's flawless looking omelette three separate times.

With each attempt, the YouTuber studies Pépin's cooking technique more closely. After two nearly successful attempts, he feels that by his third attempt, he has finally executed it "properly." Though he's satisfied with his result, Alex knows that only Pépin can truly judge whether or not he has properly recreated the egg dish. "I know that my judgement is very much biased. The most legitimate bias would come from Jacques himself," he admits to his viewers.

Within five days, the video earned more than 437,000 views and garnered almost 1,500 comments — but the most important comment came directly from the iconic chef. After Alex put out a tweet asking his Twitter followers to get his video to Pépin, the chef's daughter tweeted back that she was able to get the famous chef, who has long been a media star and worked with the likes of Julia Child, to watch the video and film his reaction to Alex's omelette.

In Pépin's April 9 response, he calls Alex's final omelette attempt "practically perfect." "I am very admiring of you," he tells the YouTube chef. "I know many professional chefs who could not make an omelette as well as you did." The sweet response video has nearly 300,000 views.

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