America's 65 Highest-Rated Wedding Venues, According To Yelp

When planning a wedding, it's important to choose a venue that meets all your needs– and then some. Everyone has to fit comfortably in the same space, all invited should be able to find it easily and have access to it, you want to work with event staff who are responsive, coordinated, and caring, and it needs to look exactly as you imagined your big day would. That's when consulting the internet is a great thing. It's chock-full of wedding venue reviews–especially on Yelp. 

Yelp employs internal researchers who are always working to develop new ways to make their treasure trove of reviews useful to everyone from diners to newly weds. That's why The Daily Meal was elated to get an exclusive look at a list of America's 65 highest-rated wedding venues, based on an algorithm that interprets a venue's star rating and the volume of reviews devoted to it. The Daily Meal has included and edited (hey, it is the internet) some quotes from Yelpers that reflect many of the highlights of these spaces for you to take into consideration when planning your wedding. 

These dreamy venues have the tastiest food, and some of the most unique, beautiful and customizable spaces to host everything from your wedding ceremony to your reception to a whole wedding weekend getaway. Their top-rated staff take the stress out of wedding planning so you can enjoy your big day, and spend time taking photos with your guests in your wedding digs! While there are many across the U.S., you probably won't be totally surprised to see that a majority are located in some of the most beautiful towns in America. It makes sense that places with gorgeous scenerey would be home to America's 65 highest-rated wedding venues, according to Yelp. 

#65 Four Seasons Resort Hualalai (Kailua-Kona, Hawaii)

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is home to the only private beach on the island of Kona in Hawaii. If getting married on a private beach in white sands near softly crashing waves doesn't sound amazing enough, the hotel offers a wedding package that will help take the stress out of wedding planning. The package includes an hour of professional photography, live music, a ceremony site, seating, food, a wedding cake and professional hair and makeup help.

According to Yelp reviewer Eatzi M., who got married at the Hawaiian venue, "The food at the dinner reception got raves from everyone! Everyone was raving about the variety and quality of the dishes, and the adults were even munching off the kids' buffet too because it looked and tasted that good! They are just so flexible, easy to work with and want to make your wedding stress free and memorable."

#64 The Bell Tower on 34th (Houston, Texas)

Yelpers love how gorgeous this Texas wedding venue is. The Bell Tower on 34th left a lasting impression on reviewers thanks to the gorgeous waterfalls outside and grand staircase inside, both of which provide for a fantastic bridal entrance. Yelper Juanita S. said that when her daughter appeared at the top of the stairs to walk down the aisle, "the spotlights glowed down beautifully. The scene was awesome. You could hear the guest gasping at the perfection of the view."

#63 See Canyon Fruit Ranch (San Luis Obispo, California)

California has some of the top-rated wedding venues in the country, and many of them can be found in the state's Central Coast. See Canyon Fruit Ranch offers a rustic barn-like setting surrounded by lush greenery for you to tie the knot in. The peaceful setting stays that way due to a restriction on outdoor noise after 7 p.m., so this venue is best booked for daytime weddings only.

#62 Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Combine the celebration of your love and your love of beer at the Historic Pabst Brewery. This Milwaukee brewery offers tours and tastings, but it also hosts weddings and wedding receptions in the event space, Best Place. The large bar — which serves PBR as well as other spirits — is a Yelper favorite for cocktail hour before reception.

"I came here for a wedding so I did not take a tour here. At first I was all, 'who has a wedding at Pabst Brewery?', being all snarky and jerkish," wrote Yelper Ryan L. in his review. "I was blown away by how nice the building was. The restoration was great and the building has so much charm about it. Lots of great nostalgia and seems to be hipster-approved."

#61 The Century (Modesto, California)

Customer care is top priority at The Century. This Modesto, California, venue is a hit with Yelpers for its fee transparency and hands-on wedding planning approach. "They are all so upfront about policies, what to expect, and the timeline you should follow in planning your event. It was all easy to follow along and schedule using their client portal. You have access to all the items you requested and planned straight from home. The staff is all easily reached through email and phone," wrote Yelper JoAnne S. in her review.

#60 Boojum Tree Hidden Garden (Phoenix, Arizona)

Boojum Tree Hidden Garden is a desert paradise. Its palm trees, twinkle lights, fountains, and pools have enchanted Yelpers. Plus, brides and grooms alike highly recommend doing one of the Phoenix venue's wedding packages, which offer a ton of options such as a DJ, caterer, open bar, photographers and more.

#59 City Museum (Saint Louis, Missouri)

It's the best museum in Missouri, and you can get married in it. The City Museum boasts an Enchanted Cave, a giant hamster wheel, a skate park, an aquarium, and a private area for weddings and wedding receptions. Yelpers report that the top floor is for private events and that it has a large bar as well as a view of the adult climbing space. Sounds visually stimulating!

#58 NOVA 535 (St. Petersburg, Florida)

"I have nothing but positive things to say about NOVA 535," wrote DJ Fred T. in his Yelp review of St. Petersburg's NOVA 535. "The load-in/out and parking is super easy. The venue already has its own sound/lighting so it's as easy as plug-n-play with DJ gear. The DJ even has his/her own booth overlooking the dining room and dance floor! ... I have worked weddings in a lot of venues and I have never seen a venue quite like this."

Aside from the high marks in terms of reception entertainment, other guests have highlighted the décor and ambiance of the venue as a major highlight. The space opens with a lit bamboo path that adds a touch of nature to its brick walls.

#57 The Quixotic World Theatre House (Dallas, Texas)

With its interesting and intricate decorations, The Quixotic World Theatre House makes for a visually stunning wedding venue. From disco balls to lasers, Yelpers are blown away by the décor. According to a review by Nirali P.: "There are so many different areas to take that one of a kind photo of just you or the entire group. It's like the selfie-lover created this place. The atmosphere makes even the the quietest person energetic and take some goofy clicks."

#56 Edgewood Tahoe Weddings (Stateline, Nevada)

What Yelpers love best about Edgewood Tahoe Weddings are the photo opportunities. Gorgeous Lake Tahoe is already a stunning backdrop as well as an affordable destination, and photos from any event — but especially a memorable one such as a wedding — appear like postcard perfection when the lake or surrounding forest landscape are used in pictures.

#55 The Barn at Gibbet Hill (Groton, Massachusetts)

This rustic East Coast space is one of the highest-rated wedding venues thanks to its weather versatility. Guests who chose The Barn at Gibbet Hill reported having comfortable and beautiful weddings no matter whether they were married during a February snowstorm or a sweltering July day.

The refurbished barn has clear covers over the patios in winter, so guests can still enjoy the snowy and gorgeous landscape from the comfort of a warm barn. In summer, soft breezes flow through the exposed wood space, keeping it cool.

Plus, the staff makes wedding planning a snap. According to Yelper Hollie M.: "There was minimal stress when it came to planning with this venue. The food & drinks were amazing, and it's one of the reasons we booked this venue."

#54 Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Nature lovers pick the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens so they can get married surrounded by gorgeous plants and flowers. Couples can choose from various spots in the botanical garden to hold their nuptials and reception, and the plants seem to really transform the event.

"It felt like I was at a destination wedding in the Amazon," wrote Jennifer G. in her Yelp review of the Pennsylvania venue. "To get to the ceremony, I had to walk through the gardens to the very end. The ceremony was held in a cove; a pond with some koi were among some of the guests in attendance."

#53 International Rose Test Garden (Portland, Oregon)

This rose garden is home to over 10,000 blooms, which makes getting married here a fragrant and magical affair. Many couples choose the Shakespeare Garden area, as it has a walkway perfect for an enchanting-looking bridal entrance. Just make sure you don't have flower-related allergies!

#52 Missouri Botanical Garden (Saint Louis, Missouri)

This gorgeous green space is one of the top spaces in the Midwest to get married thanks to its beauty. Yelpers recommend getting married in the Japanese Garden, which features stunning cherry blossoms in the spring as well as a year-round koi pond.

#51 Holland Ranch (San Luis Obispo, California)

Scenic Holland Ranch in Central California has been described by Yelpers as "beautiful" and "surreal." Guests can choose to marry and have their reception in the refurbished barn, or enjoy the temperate California weather outside, surrounded by mountains. Yelpers have also highlighted the free-roaming horses, the placid pond, and the available grills (in case you feel like turning your wedding into a cookout).

"You don't need to do too much decorating at this venue. It is so beautiful, everyone will be looking around at the views," wrote Kelly S. in her Yelp review of the space.

#50 Della Terra Mountain Chateau (Estes Park, Colorado)

This Colorado chateau does not skimp on customer service. "My wedding day had snow and they had staff outside shuttle my guests from their car to the wedding and ceremony site," wrote Yelper N.C. in her review.

Della Terra Mountain Chateau will even send you scheduled reminders so you can keep up with your wedding plans. Plus, they keep track of all vendors — even outside ones — and make sure that they show up and set up on time.

#49 Ainsworth House & Gardens (Oregon City, Oregon)

Ainsworth House and Gardens provides all tables, chairs, linens and centerpieces for weddings and wedding receptions. This money-saving feature has made it one the highest-rated wedding venues in Oregon. They also offer wedding packages, which include catering, a DJ, a photographer and more. Yelpers say it's a great spot for small weddings on a budget!

#48 Sugar Beach Events of Hawaii (Kihei, Hawaii)

"Sugar Beach Events is the most perfect venue for a wedding! Stunning views, gorgeous bridal suite and amazing food. I chose this venue based on all of the photos I've seen, and it is even more beautiful in person!" wrote Amy K. in her Yelp review of this bucket list-worthy Hawaiian event venue. Many other Yelpers chose to highlight Sugar Beach Events' food from venue owner Chef Lee. Chef Lee whips up a whole bunch of Hawaiian-inspired dishes including fish, steak and pork (which can be served as entrees or buffet-  to guests) as well as delicious appetizers and desserts.

#47 Rose Garden Estate (Tehachapi, California)

The Rose Garden Estate looks like something out of "The Bachelor." It's an absolutely sprawling venue that amps up the romance with its candlelit decorations and gold Chiavari chairs. While the scenery is swoon-worthy, many couples chose to highlight the bridal and groom suites (both part of the Rose Garden Estate's master suite); according to one Yelper, the accommodations are "completely breathtaking." If you rent out the place for your wedding, you can also stay in the master suite overnight.

#46 The MV Skansonia (Seattle, Washington)

This Seattle boat venue offers a great view of downtown and Lake Union. They also offer in-house vendors, so you won't have to worry about things like food and flowers being delivered on time from a third-party group. Yelper Andrew A. describes The MV Skansonia as being "large capacity without being a big-box convention center; full-service without being cookie-cutter; glamorous without being overpriced." Sounds versatile!

#45 Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens (Delray Beach, Florida)

Couples flock to this Delray Beach venue for its beautiful Japanese-inspired setting. The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens offers wedding guests an eyeful of placid ponds, herons, turtles, hanging lanterns, and native Japanese flowers and trees during your wedding ceremony and reception. Weddings can also be catered by the on-site restaurant, which will set up a sushi bar as well as other Japanese cuisine-inspired dishes for your guests to enjoy.

#44 Villa Siena (Gilbert, Arizona)

"My husband and I had the most amazing experience with Villa Siena. You really do feel at ease, they always were on top of everything," wrote Yelper Danielle C. of her experience getting married at Villa Siena.

The property looks as though it was plucked straight out of Siena, Italy, and planted in Gilbert, Arizona. The space will make you forget you're in the desert thanks to its grand dining room, gorgeous archway, and tinkling fountains, which look like they're relics from the Italian Renaissance.

#43 Kennolyn Events (Soquel, California)

This Northern California venue is perfect for the couple who wants to get married surrounded by redwoods and fresh air. "Kennolyn is a gorgeous venue to have your wedding. You get a beautiful combination of redwood groves and expansive views of the Monterey Bay from the estate," wrote Vanessa M. in her Yelp review of Kennolyn Events.

This events company is highly rated thanks to their team, who several Yelpers have called "hands-on" and "thoughtful."

#42 Rockwood Santa Barbara Women’s Club (Santa Barbara, California)

This highly rated wedding venue is about an hour outside LA in stunning Santa Barbara. According to Yelpers, Rockwood Santa Barbara Women's Club is reasonably priced to rent, the parking lot is free for guests, and the space is massive. Not only is Santa Barbara one of America's most beautiful towns — with its Spanish-style architecture, massive shady oak trees, and canyon setting — this venue sounds like a gorgeous space for a wedding.

#41 Plantation Garden Restaurant & Bar (Koloa, Hawaii)

Set on what was once an actual plantation, the Plantation Garden Restaurant and Bar is a favorite among Yelpers for smaller, more intimate weddings. Even couples on a relatively modest budget can buy out the restaurant, which offers Hawaiian-inspired dishes, for their event.

"Our guests all commented that the 12-ounce rib-eye steak was the biggest they've seen or eaten at any wedding. The monchong was so delicious and a large portion. We ordered 36 trays of pupus which was plenty of food for our 75 guests to start," wrote Leila E. in her Yelp review. The restaurant's cake maker will also custom decorate your wedding cake however you like. Many Yelpers posted photos of cool-looking designs including a tropical fish-themed cake and an ombréed layer cake, as well as more traditional cakes.

#40 Rosy’s Jazz Hall Events & Catering (New Orleans, Louisiana)

This New Orleans venue has a speakeasy vibe to it and provides enough space for your guests to comfortably dance all night. "They have old black-and-white pictures along the walls that I never seem to have time to peruse but I'm sure they're of the old acts that used to play the hall, including Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie," wrote Morgan F. in her Yelp review of Rosy's.

Most guests tend to hire a brass band or some sort of live music as opposed to a DJ when they rent out this space for their wedding reception. There is a restaurant in the venue that will also cater your wedding, and the food was a frequent highlight amongst the reviews. We wouldn't expect any less — it's New Orleans! This city has some of the best food and drink in Louisiana.

#39 Southern Oaks Plantation (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Southern Oaks Plantation is a little outside the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street. This semi-secluded area is about a 20-minute ride from downtown but offers so many sweet touches that it will charm you into not wanting to leave.

Make your grand entrance (or exit) as a married couple in a horse-drawn carriage or arrange for a fireworks display to celebrate your love. Yelpers love how much space the Southern Oaks Plantation offers, so it's great for big weddings. Plus, reviewers rave about the food. "This place provides a Taste of New Orleans, I mean your guests will not stop talking about what they ate, how good the food was and how much food was being passed. Amazing flavors and a huge variety," wrote Yelper Shelly C.

#38 Vizcaya Museum & Gardens (Miami, Florida)

This former private mansion in Miami evokes the glamour and opulence of Versailles. Many Yelpers chose to have their reception outside in the venue's stunning gardens with a cocktail hour after inside the mansion or on the terrace overlooking the water.

Even though the mansion was built around the time of the First World War, it's been outfitted with modern (and apparently very strong) air conditioning to help you escape that Miami heat!

#37 The HideOut (Kirkwood, California)

While some wedding venues are just reminiscent of episodes of ABC's "The Bachelor," some venues such as The HideOut have actually appeared on the show. The outdoor venue features pine trees, log cabins, a lake and mountains — and if you get married there, they make sure there are sweet romantic touches everywhere.

"Imagine the incredible rugged beauty of the California Sierras with an amazing event venue built right in the middle of it all — in the middle of nowhere. It's the perfect stage to create your own personal mountain fairy tale," wrote Dan B. in his Yelp review of the space.

Guests can rent the whole property (or just a piece!) depending on how many guests they have and how much time they want to stay. Reviewers really highlighted that The HideOut offers a massive granite hot tub that can hold up to 40 people, so be sure to bring a swimsuit!

#36 Hans Fahden Vineyards (Calistoga, California)

Hans Fahden Vineyards is a picturesque place in California's wine country. They offer total wedding packages that include officiants, catering, a wedding cake, a florist, a photographer and music. Plus, this NorCal venue gets big points from Yelpers for not pushing the vineyard's brand of wine on couples. Receptions can be outfitted with wine from other wineries as well!

#35 Sesnon House (Aptos, California)

"The beauty of venue and scalability of operation of this place is unmatched. It's Santa Cruz charm at its finest, with the most enthusiastic staff who really put their all into making the day perfect," Sharon K. raved in her Yelp review of Sesnon House.

Yelpers highlighted the fact that the cost of a wedding and a reception at this Northern California venue is astoundingly reasonable for its location. The food can also be catered from the culinary program located within the venue. But don't be nervous about a bunch of students cooking your food! One reviewer called their meal "exquisite." Plus, NorCal is home to some of the best food and drink in the state!

#34 Auberge du Soleil (Rutherford, California)

Auberge du Soleil not only offers one of the most extravagant brunches in America, but it's also a decadent and picturesque place to have your wedding. According to Yelper Jean T., "Everything from the coordinator to the food to the view to the service staff was just impeccable."

If the weather permits, having your reception or ceremony outside offers you a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding valley. If it rains and you have to take things indoors, Yelpers have noted that the staff will do everything in their power to make sure that the decorations and accommodations are up to your standards.

Also, the food is an absolute standout. Jo. C wrote: "This was the first wedding where our steaks actually came out as everyone requested. The scallops were perfectly cooked. The dessert was extremely creative — cookie bottom, cake center, pastry cream on inside, surrounded by chocolate mousse, then decorated with a stick of chocolate and a tiny scoop of whipped cream on the side." Sounds incredible!

#33 Urban Light Studios (Seattle, Washington)

You have your choice of themed rooms at Urban Light Studios. According to a Yelp reviewer, "The main room was rustic, one room was safari-style, one room was Asian-style, one was futuristic and then the dressing room was log cabin-style." The venue also offers a photobooth that you can rent for your reception, and it even comes with props.

#32 Liberty Warehouse (Brooklyn, New York)

This beautiful space's patio area overlooks the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. It has two floors with multiple bars and can accommodate a wedding of virtually any size. The elegant-looking space offers a four-course tasting menu for guests as well as hors d'oeuvres and multiple carving stations. Everyone also seems to rave over the tons and tons of twinkle lights that can light up your reception.

#31 The Lighthouse (Vallejo, California)

This East Bay venue has a DIY style that makes it perfect for crafty NorCal dwellers. The Lighthouse staff gets the most praise from Yelpers for being super hands-on and quickly responsive to emails and phone calls. Maribeth D. from Yelp got married at this space in 2018 and said she loved practically every element — "the intimacy and how private the location is, the wrap-around porch, the inn located upstairs, the layout, the luscious succulents and trees, the marina."

#30 Serendipity Garden Weddings (Yucaipa, California)

This nature-centric space is only about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles but feels like a remote mountain escape. Receptions and parties are mainly held outdoors, as the views are stunning and the SoCal weather is frequently temperate. Lauren L. left this Yelp review of her experience: "I just had my wedding here and I couldn't imagine it anywhere else. Serendipity staff was on top of everything and answered any questions I had as quickly as possible. They truly provided me with my dream wedding and helped make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible."

#29 Wynn Las Vegas Wedding Salons (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Getting married at the Wynn is not like getting married at just any Vegas chapel. The wedding salon at the Wynn can be customized to your exact liking, and they have multiple wedding packages that range from affordable to indulgent.

Yelp reviewer Hal L. had nothing but prais for his wedding experience: "The chapels are beautiful and have great acoustics, for both the music and the spoken ceremony. We had the aisle adorned with red rose petals and they were off-the-stem fresh — all of the flowers were. The dressing rooms were spacious and immaculate. Even during the ceremony, it was not unlike spending time with a dear friend. The photography division is professional and efficient. Some pictures are better than others, of course — that is why they take so many!"

After tying the knot, you can grab something to eat on the Strip. Las Vegas has some of the best food and drink in Nevada.

#28 Los Altos History Museum (Los Altos, California)

The Los Altos History Museum offers a quaint garden area as its venue for both the ceremony and the reception. It's a small place, so it's perfect for more intimate weddings. The space comes with string lights, flowers and, because it's in California, generally nice weather. The venue offers tables and chairs for rent to furnish your event, but you have to supply your own alcohol.

#27 Star Hill Ranch (Austin, Texas)

"Star Hill Ranch is such an awesome venue with unique atmosphere and fun structures throughout which can be used for different purposes," wrote Yelper Kasha H. of her experience at this highly-rated wedding venue. "We used the bride's cottage, the groom's quarters, the reception hall for a band and dance, the Fitzhugh for dining, and of course the charming little chapel, and our guests loved it all."

The grounds look like an old-timey Western town with a bar, a chapel, a fake pharmacy and a few other vintage buildings. You'll feel like you're going back in time (or like you're an extra on "Westworld") when you get married or go to a wedding here.

#26 Nestldown (Los Gatos, California)

The lush greenery of this Bay Area venue has absolutely blown away most Yelp reviewers — it's a veritable paradise of redwoods and meadows at Nestldown. There is a barn that is popular for the dinner portion of the evening as well as for dancing, and a fire pit where you can roast s'mores.

While the venue is expensive, Yelpers find that they are getting exactly what they paid for. Yelper Cathy H. praised the venue's open-ended possibilities in her review:

"Overall, not only is Nestldown a magical place to have your wedding but their staff is astonishing and extremely professional. Our guests loved the venue as there were so many places to take pictures and to explore! The cottage and the train ride were a big hit for the kids and their parents."

#25 Newhall Mansion (Piru, California)

Newhall Mansion looks like an Irish castle. With its vintage charm and stunning estate grounds, your wedding will be picture perfect either in- or outdoors. The Victorian manor has vintage charm and even a spooky-cool dungeon under the house.

Weddings can have full use of the mansion for the whole weekend, and catering will even stock the fridge with leftovers to eat. One major standout highlighted by Yelpers is the bridal suite. Reviewer Samantha O. praised the expansive size and flattering light: "For all the brides out there: I challenge you to find a more incredible bridal suite than Newhall has to offer — it's huge. My girls and I had a blast getting ready there with plenty of space and natural light to look amazing."

#24 The Terrace Club (Dripping Springs, Texas)

This Texas wedding venue is extra spectacular at sunset, but it's the service that really stood out to Yelpers. The Terrace Club's staff will make sure they are with you every step of the way and will even provide you with a list of where you need to be in your wedding plans, so things go smoothly. Danielle M. reviewed: "Once we booked the venue, they provided us with a schedule containing 'milestones' we needed to achieve in order for the wedding to go smoothly (i.e., buy wedding dress by XX date, get a wedding license XX days before the wedding). In addition to this schedule, they followed up with us to make sure we were on track with everything else."

#23 Ru’s Farm (Healdsburg, California)

This California wedding venue offers a stunning view of vineyards and has a dining area enclosed by shady trees and a barn you can dance in. There are also flower gardens and, according to reviews, little charming details tucked away everywhere. "It's a truly magical space that allows you and your guests to escape the normal and experience the day in a fairy tale," Melly G. wrote of Ru's Farm in her Yelp review.

#22 The Prado Weddings & Events (San Diego, California)

This San Diego venue has been referred to by several reviewers as a "hidden gem." It's centrally located — right in the middle of Balboa Park — and Yelpers love that it's close to downtown and the airport, making it breeze to get to via rideshare for guests coming in from out of town. The Prado offers gardens for wedding ceremonies, an outdoor courtyard for cocktail hour, and a grand ballroom for the reception. Plus, you can have food catered from The Prado restaurant, which Yelpers rave about.

"The food was the best food I've ever tasted at any wedding or event," Karen R. wrote in her Yelp review. "We served our guests the filet mignon and shrimp combo and it was delicious. We are still hearing from our guests how much they loved the food."

#21 Loulu Palm (Haleiwa, Hawaii)

Getting married at this bucket list-worthy Hawaiian venue will make your wedding guests feel like they're on a private island. Loulu Palm is completely private and offers views of the ocean as well as gorgeous green hills. It's a popular spot for destination weddings and it seriously impresses Yelpers have been especially impressed with its entryway, a grand gate that opens to a perfectly trimmed green lawn sprawling before miles and miles of aqua blue water.

#20 Fireseed Catering (Langley, Washington)

Yelpers love that the staff at Fireseed Catering pays so much attention to detail. Reviews mention that whoever you hire will give you a detailed rundown of what they're imagining for your nuptials and reception — down to what type of flowers will be blooming the month you get married — so you can truly visualize the setting. Yelpers have also said that Fireseed has a list of some of the best vendors in Washington, so you won't have to do a ton of wedding research for yourself while working with them — they've got it covered!

#19 Deity Events (Brooklyn, New York)

This intimate New York venue doesn't have a traditional event hall vibe, and that's what Yelpers like best about it. According to a reviewer, its unique look really "embodies Brooklyn." The three-floor venue helps guests break up their evening, as most use one floor for dancing, one floor for eating, and one for the ceremony. "Separately, the venue's string lights and the candles they provide are more than enough décor, so we didn't do any floral arrangements (which saved us thousands of dollars)," advised Joan P. in her Yelp review.

#18 Olowalu Plantation House (Lahaina, Hawaii)

This former plantation is frequently called a "dream wedding" space on Yelp. The naturally beautiful setting offers an unobstructed view of the ocean, which makes it the ideal spot for a ceremony at sunset. Reviewers have even reported seeing whales splashing around their view. "There are plenty of beautiful venues, but Olowalu is so quiet, friendly, beautiful, and bright," wrote Eric M. in his Yelp review.

#17 Thursday Club (San Diego, California)

This neighborhood space feels intimate and cozy so brides and grooms can really get in touch with their guests. The comfortable spot offers classic Southern California views of the ocean and palm trees. Yelpers report that there are multiple balconies to hang out on and take a breather from the dance floor or catch up with a fellow guest. It's also a two-minute drive to Sunset Cliffs, a mountainous area famous for its breathtaking sunsets. Many couples who wed at Thursday Club choose to have their bridal and grooms party photos taken there!

#16 The Vineyards (Simi Valley, California)

You might feel like you're in California wine country, but you're only half an hour outside of LA in Simi Valley at The Vineyards. The nicely decorated space is draped in white cloth and lights, making it look like a fairyland, with multiple pretty archways covered in twinkling bulbs that light the way for your guests. Guests can rent certain areas of the property for their various wedding events.

#15 Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, California)

San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts is already a popular spot for photos. It's a beautiful space with a magnificent dome, a duck-filled pond, and swaths of greenery. It's a San Francisco landmark, and guests who choose to marry there want that piece of NorCal history in their photos.

#14 Villa de Amore (Temecula, California)

"Villa de Amore was very receptive to our dream wedding. We showed them specific pictures of what we wanted, and they were able to recreate them almost perfectly," wrote Diana L. in her Yelp review of the space. The Temecula venue is incredibly spacious, so your guests will have tons of room. Villa de Amore offers a large patio area, indoor lounge, massive bar and dining room, and tons of vineyard space to walk through.

#13 Monte Verde Inn (Foresthill, California)

California is an incredibly popular location for highly rated wedding venues. The Monte Verde Inn offers the best of California's natural landscape. There are acres of tall trees, the greenery is dotted with wildflowers, and the weather is typically gorgeous. The inn itself is a small white house that many Yelpers have described as "adorable" and "magical." Monte Verde's wedding packages are all-inclusive and, as many reviewers have pointed out, reasonably priced. It's a California gem!

#12 The Ivy Room at Tree Studios (Chicago, Illinois)

You would never know The Ivy Room at Tree Studios exists — that's how private and peaceful it is. Nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast just off the Grand stop on the Red Line is this adorable Chicago wedding venue. While you can have both your wedding and reception in the bright and cheerful-looking rooms indoors (Chicago weather is notoriously fickle, even when it's not cold), there is an outside patio space that looks like an ivy vine-covered oasis that would be the perfect summer reception area.

Yelpers also highlighted the food at The Ivy Room, which is prepared on site. "Everything from start to finish was absolutely delicious. All of our guests, and I mean all of them, complimented how scrumptious the appetizers, lunch and dessert were, not to mention the lovely wines that were standard offerings at the Ivy Room," commented Carolyn G. in her Yelp review.

#11 Park Winters (Winters, California)

"You know that saying 'Heaven is a place on Earth'? I think they were talking about Park Winters! This place is so unique, magical, and just beautiful," Makena L. wrote of the inn on Yelp. The serene dwelling has been described as "farmhouse chic," and due to its romantic-looking decor many customers save money by not purchasing extra decorations. Wedding packages here are also all inclusive.

#10 Haiku Gardens Weddings (Kaneohe, Hawaii)

No, this Hawaiian space doesn't have views of the ocean — but if you're looking to get married surrounded by green, this is the place to be. Native Hawaiian vegetation bursts out of the scenery all over Haiku Gardens, giving it a lush jungle vacation vibe. The staff is highlighted by Yelpers as being incredibly accommodating, and the space's restaurant, Haliewa Joe's, is open for just you and your wedding guests on your special day.

#9 Wedgewood Weddings Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada)

You won't find this Las Vegas wedding venue on the strip or stashed in between a few casinos. Wedgewood Weddings offers elegant, customizable weddings that look more like you're in a desert Oasis than within a stone's throw of The Golden Nugget. They offer a sprawling outdoor space with a view of mountains as well as a chic and versatile indoor area for dancing and eating.

Several Yelpers highlighted the price point for Wedgewood Weddings. You don't have to be a high roller to have the glitzy and glam wedding of your dreams, as Wedgewood's packages are wallet-friendly. "If you're a 'budget bride' like how I was, look no further because Wedgewood will take good care of you. Trust me when I say that their packages are laid out to meet the needs of every possible bride imaginable," wrote Flo P. in her Yelp review of the space.

#8 Vine Hill House (Sebastopol, California)

This Sonoma County setting is so highly-rated thanks to top-quality services and a gorgeous event space. Many Yelper brides commented on not having to "lift a finger" the day of their wedding because Vine Hill House staff was so on top of everything. According to reviews, they have connections with the best vendors in Northern California and will make your big day go as smoothly as possible so you can relax and enjoy.

"Believe the hype," wrote Becky P. on Yelp of her experience at Vine Hill House. "There are already a bunch of well written reviews across the internet and we were skeptical to believe that they could pull off so many flawless weddings, but we're now believers."

#7 Palm Event Center in the Vineyard (Pleasanton, California)

It can be hard to score a reservation at Palm Event Center in the Vineyard because the space is typically jam-packed with bookings. If you manage to, though, you can look forward to an Instagram-worthy ceremony area with tons of palm trees, a detail-oriented event staff dedicated to making your wedding day an absolute dream, a gorgeous ballroom for dining and dancing, and a top-notch vendor list to get you the best flowers and food.

#6 University Club of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California)

While Santa Barbara is beautiful and provides that classic Southern California wedding-by-the-beach glamour, the food really steals the show at this wedding venue. Chef Jamie West's meals are continually highlighted by Yelpers who review University Club of Santa Barbara. One reviewer said their meal was "more like dinner at a fine restaurant with exceptional attention to each course and each serving." You'll never go hungry in Santa Barbara–it has some of the best food and drink in the state!

#5 Taglyan Cultural Complex (Los Angeles, California)

This Hollywood event space is more glamorous than Mariah Carey. Picture massive vases of flowers, shimmering crystals, chandeliers, film set lighting, and a massive ballroom that could fit an entire cast and crew. This is not your quaint NorCal outdoor wedding space; this is the space for a black-tie, Tinseltown, night-at-the-Oscars-worthy wedding. The glass ceilings even have lights that change color!

#4 Ovation (Chicago, Illinois)

Midwestern hospitality reigns supreme at Ovation. This Chicago venue scored top marks with Yelpers for the warm and friendly service. "The owner of Ovation is truly the kindest, most responsive, and thoughtful individual you can work with during your wedding process," wrote a Yelper of their experience with the event space.

It's also notably large, and wedding parties can supply their own liquor for the event. It's more DIY than black tie, but Ovation can also do fancy — you can even make your grand entrance in a vintage Rolls Royce as part of your rental!

#3 Holly Farm (Carmel, California)

Carmel is one of America's most beautiful towns. It would be pretty hard not to have a gorgeous wedding in this Northern California location, but Holly Farm exceeds even Yelpers' expectations of what a beautiful wedding venue should be. The space has been described as looking like an enchanted secret garden. There are three gorgeous homes that your wedding party can stay in or use to get ready in on site, and you can extend your event into a weekendlong affair on the property should you choose.

"The second you walk in for a visit it is clear, and then when the wedding weekend actually arrives, it exceeds your already high expectations," Yelped Lindsey F. of her experience. "It was hard to believe, but everything we were told during our initial visit came true. The entire place is transformed for each event, and it becomes your own private wonderland, with each aspect of your wedding vision realized."

#2 The Vintage Rose (Orange, California)

The staff at The Vintage Rose are a major highlight for Yelpers. They are dedicated to creating your dream wedding and will even go so far as to remove doors (in one reviewer's instance) if you don't like the way that the place looks for your big day. The venue's all-inclusive packaging is formatted to fit different budgets but is outfitted with absolutely everything you might need.

The space itself is vintage themed, like its name. However, you can personalize your decorations with signs, slideshow photos, floral arrangements or really anything you want to make your wedding special.

#1 The Perry House (Monterey, California)

The Perry House is a stunning California venue that was actually once a private home. The multi-level house features tons of cozy spots to sip drinks and munch on snacks, the backyard is festooned with lights and tables that are just begging to be used for your reception, and the house even has a terrace for guests to hang out on and enjoy the coastal view.

"It was the perfect venue," wrote Kelly M. in her Yelp review of her experience at The Perry House. "I knew the first time we visited that it was my dream venue. The house is a gorgeous spot for a party, with beautiful balconies, a view of the ocean, and big beautiful rooms inside. The string lights and outdoor fireplace at night made it feel so cozy and warm. I love all the different 'nooks' and hangout areas at the venue."

Yelpers also highlight the incredible staff at The Perry House who will go to every effort to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. You'll need a guide like that to plan your dream wedding.

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