9 Ways To Entertain Kids On A Snow Day Gallery

Hot Chocolate Stand

If it isn't absolutely terrible outside, send the little guys out for some fun in the snow. As neighbors are shoveling their sidewalks, it would be a great idea to host a hot cocoa stand so the kids can keep busy and learn the value of the dollar at the same time!

Real Snow Cones

Yellow snow is never good, but blue snow? We are in! Use the clean snow to make a delicious snack that you can feel good about giving the kids. Just make sure you inspect the snow they collect!


Food Coloring ‘Chalk’

Can't keep the little guys in any longer? If you have empty spray bottles, water and some food coloring, you have a great winter activity. Send them outside with these rainbow water colors so they literally color in the snow like they would the street in the summertime with chalk. Just monitor them and make sure they don't get tempted to spritz each other.

Baking Session

Of course, just staying inside and keeping toasty warm is a great way to fight off cabin fever. Kids love baking cookies, brownies and more that they can take back to their classroom!

Kitchen Crafts

If you have crafty little kids, given them a list of DIY crafts to complete and keep their little hands busy. There are a ton of things you can do with recyclable products and things around your kitchen that will keep them occupied for hours. 

Bake Crayons

Boring one color crayons making your kids stir crazy? Go through their art-box and gather all of the broken pieces to create cool tie-dye crayons they'll be excited to make and play with. Simply break up multicolor crayons in an old cupcake sheet and bake for really unique art supplies!

Food Stamps

Have a ton of food in the refrigerator that you know you're not going to use? Cut up potatoes or apples to make cute stamps for the kids to make art with, or even use stem of the head of lettuce as a "stamp" for a floral design!

Cocoa Spoons

The kids will love snuggling up and drinking hot cocoa, but there is a way to make it even more fun and delicious. Make flavored cocoa spoons that they will adore putting together and dipping into their cocoa.

Indoor S'mores

Forget the campfire, have your kids safely huddle around the fireplace and roast marshmallows for the perfect indoor s'more. Don't have a fireplace? A microwave or supervised huddle over the gas range will work just dandy. 

And if you need even more ideas, check out these five ways to get children outside this winter.