5 Warm Weather Party Drinks That Won't Turn The Fun Into A Brawl

The sun is shining, and the days are long and warm: It's time to stop spending those weekends huddled up indoors, and to get outside and revel in the sunshine. Long, relaxed afternoons, focused on endless eating and drinking, are the essence of summer Sundays. However, these days of continuous food and drinks often lead to a rather horrific Monday morning, as we wake up with a pounding head, feeling incredibly dehydrated, and are probably painfully sunburnt too. Avoid the crushing hangovers this summer, and have the most civilized, but still fun and tasty weekend parties, by swapping out those strong and powerful cocktails for some lighter, more delicate drinks, which will stop the fun at your party from turning into a brawl.


This classic cocktail has a naturally low alcohol percentage, but has the same taste profile as your favorite potent Negroni. Sip on this crisp, refreshing drink during your summer party to help evade the chronic hangover the next day.

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Minty Gin Lemonade

A shot of gin, topped with homemade lemonade and plenty of ice makes for the most thirst-quenching cocktail. This delicate drink is the perfect choice for those all-day drinking parties.

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Raspberry Aperol Float           

This sweet ice cream float has a surprising kick to it, but is in reality incredibly light on alcohol. Make the float in large batches if you're hosting for a crowd, and you'll have the most fun summer party, which will remain civilized thanks to the lack of overly powerful cocktails being served.

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Rosé Spritzer

A rosé spritzer is the ultimate elegant, delicate, warm-weather cocktail. This cocktail subtly waters down your glass of rosé, to create the simplest drink, which you can safely sip on throughout the afternoon.

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Virgin Mojito

Remove all the alcohol from your cocktail, so you really can drink as much as you want all day. This cocktail is so refreshing and tasty that you may not even notice that the rum is missing.

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