5 Times Jenny Slate Was A Total Foodie Icon

Though she may make headlines the most often for who she is (or is not) dating, Jenny Slate is a comedic force to be reckoned with. Perhaps best known as the creative force and adorable voice behind Marcel the Shell, Slate is a Saturday Night Live alumna, and the star of some of your favorite animated projects (her voice acting credits include Zootopia, Bob's Burgers, and The Secret Life of Pets).

If you follow her on social media or read her interviews, another thing becomes clear about Slate pretty quickly: She's a totally underrated foodie icon. Don't believe us? Check out these five moments that make it clear Slate is someone worth looking up to:

When She Admitted to Handwriting Her Recipes
In an interview with The Atlantic, Slate revealed she keeps her recipes organized in a very quaint (and eco-friendly) way. "I read a lot of food magazines. I subscribe to Cook's Illustrated, Food and Wine, Bon Appétit, Saveur and I think have a one of those fitness magazines," she revealed. "My friend Lindsay Mound who illustrates for Bon Appétit made me a little notebook for my birthday for me to write down all of the recipes. So I write down the name of the magazine and all of the recipes from that month. I like to do it the old fashion way. That way I can recycle the magazines."

When She Ate More Chips Than Anything Else
Hey, we all can't be the picture of healthy eating every day. Can you think of anything more relatable than admitting to eating more chips than anything else in a given day? We can't.

When She Embraced the Beauty of Eggs
On her always-entertaining Instagram, Slate posted a simple yet stunning photo of some farm-fresh eggs she purchased. She said they made her "happy in an essential and gentle way," and we agree. There's something completely mesmerizing about some brown and blue eggs.

When She Knew What the Super Bowl Is Really About
In one of her most mesmerizing food-related Instagrams to date, Slate revealed she knows that the Super Bowl is really all about one thing: the food. She referred to the big game day as a "hang around and cook while some other people watch football evening," and you won't find many arguments here.

When She Loved the Doughnut Before the Rest of Us
Doughnuts are the hottest party food of 2017, but Slate was all about the breakfast for dessert trend before we were. In her 2014 Reddit AMA, she said "My favorite dessert RIGHT NOW is the donut, which is know is technically a bfast food, but please..."