5 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes You Need To Beat The Heat

Quick: Picture yourself drinking some iced tea. Maybe, you're sitting poolside, eating hot dogs and hamburgers with your friends at a cookout. Or maybe you're taking a stroll through the park, taking in the sights on your way to a picnic. Or, just perhaps, you're at the beach, with your toes buried in the sand, a glass of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

No matter where you may be in your mind, there's simply no denying that iced tea is the ultimate refreshing summertime beverage. Nothing beats the heat quite like this lightly sweetened, highly iced, and subtly flavored drink.

In honor of the wonders of iced tea, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see what their favorite ways to drink this beverage is. From a citrusy latte to a lightened-up version of a Southern staple to everything in between, here are five iced teas you simply need to drink this summer.

Blueberry Pineapple Iced Tea

Want to give your iced tea an extra dose of summertime flavor? My Suburban Kitchen infuses her unsweetened iced tea with blueberry a├žai juice, pineapple juice, and fresh fruit for a satisfying chilled drink.

For the Blueberry Pineapple Iced Tea recipe, click here.

Orange Iced Tea Latte

Oranges may be the world's most refreshing citrus, and Sweet and Spicy Monkey mimics the flavor of biting into a big slice of fruit in this latte.

For the Orange Iced Tea Latte recipe, click here.

Pomegranate Green Tea Mojitos

This Moroccan-inspired cocktail blends the pomegranates and green tea favored by that region with a summertime favorite cocktail, the mojito. The Redhead Baker's recipe can easily be made non-alcoholic by omitting the rum.

For the Pomegranate Green Tea Mojitos recipe, click here.

Refreshing Mint Tea

A Little Rosemary and Thyme was inspired by the cold mint tea she found at the greenmarkets in New York. This five-ingredient tea includes its most apt descriptor right there in the name: refreshing.

For the Refreshing Mint Tea recipe, click here.

Sugar-Free Southern Sweet Tea With Rosemary and Lemon

Southern-styled sweet iced tea is known for a heavy dose of sugar, but Rural Mom lightens this up by using a zero-calorie sweetener. Aside from that, this recipe is a total Southern classic thanks to fresh lemon and rosemary.

For the Sugar-Free Southern Sweet Tea With Rosemary and Lemon recipe, click here.