5 Frozen Appetizers That Are Perfect For The Lazy Host

Whether you're rushing to get ready for some last-minute entertaining or just aren't a pro in the kitchen, there's no better secret to pulling off a bountiful, delicious party menu than the frozen appetizer. Simple, delicious, and so easy that even the most novice cook can pull them off, frozen apps can be as much of a lifesaver as they are a time-saver.

But, not all frozen foods are created equally. For every crispy, savory mini quiche or handheld spanakopita, there are flavorless, soggy pizzas and egg rolls. So, if you're looking for foods that are just as good (if not better) than dishes you can make at home, trust these five to get the job done with a flourish:

Nancy's Petit Quiche
A flaky crust is the perfect handheld vessel for this mini quiches, which come in a variety of classic flavors (Quiche Lorraine, Quiche Florentine, and Broccoli Cheddar). Each eggy filling is savory, flavorful, and just as tasty as a quiche you would make at home — without any of the effort.

Phillips Signature Crab Cake Minis
Getting consistent, flavorful crab cakes that are packed with zesty, creamy flavors can be difficult, but these mini crab cakes get all of that done with ease. Instead of picking shells and finding the perfect binding-to-crab ratio, all you have to do is pop these babies in the oven.

Trader Giotto's Handmade 4 Formaggi Pizza
In 2015, our staff tested 11 frozen pizzas, and this offering from Trader Joe's smashed the competition. This Italian-imported pizza had a zesty, flavorful sauce, "perfect" cheese, and a crispy crust that rivals homemade and takeout pizzas.

Trader Joe's Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
It makes sense that Trader Joe's would be the go-to place for frozen apps. Their second appearance on this short list comes courtesy of these irresistible mushroom caps, which are stuffed with the perfect amount of spinach and cheese and topped with crunchy breadcrumbs for some necessary added texture.

Whole Kitchen Spanakopita
Don't bother making your own phyllo dough and attempting to stuff it with creamy spinach and cheese, let Whole Foods do the job for you. Their spanakopita has a perfect crunchy exterior and a beautiful cheese blend that encompasses plenty of chopped spinach.