5 Fall Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Find a birthday party theme that’s both original and celebrates the fall season
Get messy with a pumpkin decorating party!


Throwing a perfect fall birthday party is easy with these fun, creative themes. 

The crisp autumn air is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about cold weather parties. Picking a birthday party theme can be difficult when parties based on movies like Frozen and Tangled have been overdone. Why not try incorporating some autumn love into your next birthday party? With these five fall-related ideas, your party is sure to put everyone in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Pumpkin Patch Birthday Party

Buy enough miniature pumpkins so everyone can decorate their own to take home. Serve pumpkin themed snacks, like bite-size pumpkin pies and miniature pumpkin pie spiced doughnuts.

2. Harry Potter Birthday Party

When it comes to Halloween, Harry Potter themes never go wrong. Have your guests dress up as their favorite witches and wizards from the famed series. Serve up some pumpkin juice for the adults and some butterbeer cookies for the children. If you want to really make your party excellent, host a quidditch match in your backyard.

3. Magic Birthday Party

Magic-related costumes and parties are always a classic around Halloween. Throw a magic birthday party with entertainment from a magician, white rabbit ears for the kids, and chocolate witch hats.

4. Enchanted Forest Birthday Party

Fairies, unicorns, centaurs, and mermaids are all part of this party. Have your guests go bobbing for poison apples. Don’t forget to serve black forest cake

5. Apple Harvest Birthday Party


Go apple picking at an orchard or create your own orchard in your backyard with paper apples. Serve up warm apple pie and apple cider to make this harvest party fall fantastic.