5 Easy Party-Perfect Dips (Slideshow)

Improve your party with these easy, tasty dips

7-Layer Dip



This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dip is a tailgate classic — easy to make with a little taste of something to please everyone in the crowd. While making some of the components of this 7-layer dip requires a little work ahead of time, actually assembling it is quite simple.

— Maryse Cheverie

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Bourbon-Onion Dip

The sweetness of slow-cooked onions pairs naturally with the caramel undertones of bourbon in this fun party dip recipe. Serve this at your next big get-together for a great conversation starter. 

Will Budiaman

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Raspberry Dip

This blushing dip isn’t so shy, so you shouldn't be either. Try dipping vegetable favorites, shrimp, or broiled chicken chunks, or drizzle the dip lightly over a berry or melon salad.

Julee Rosso & Sheila Lukins

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

It’s everyone’s favorite dip, especially during a football game. This recipe from Taste of Home is one of the simplest and easiest we’ve seen, but it doesn’t lose any of the flavors.

Taste of Home

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Beer Cheese Dip

This dip first made an appearance in the 1940s down south in Kentucky. People say it was created by someone at Johnny Allman's Restaurant, although some beg to differ. No matter where it was invented, we can't get enough of it, especially our version that we serve in a pumpernickel loaf.

Anne Dolce

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