3 Foods You Should Never Bring to a Party

Avoid being ‘that guest’ at the party
Ugly Casserole


Seriously, who brings this to a party? 

Bringing the hostess something helpful for their party is always appreciated, but there are some dishes you need to steer clear of. While it’s thoughtful to bring a dish, if the host can’t serve it, it really doesn’t help very much. We’ve found the three worst things to bring a hostess for their party to keep you from making these dinner party mistakes!

An Ugly Casserole

There are some dishes on the buffet line that we glance at and simply pass right over, and ugly casseroles have to take the prize. If no one can tell what it is, don’t bring it. If no one eats your dish, you’re really not helping out your host. Try bringing a cheesy potato casserole or an enchilada casserole, two dishes everyone can get behind and identify.

Frozen Appetizers

Maybe you’re not the best cook, but bringing a big batch of frozen pigs in a blanket isn’t very considerate, since you’re making more work for your host. Try making a simple, delicious appetizer or offer to bring something that you don’t need to cook, like a quality store-bought dessert.

Store-Bought Dips

Unless your host specifically asks you to provide something, you are under no obligation to bring a dish. If you want to bring something, though, don’t bring your host a gross, runny store-bought dip that they feel compelled to serve. You can easily make most dips in less than 10 minutes, so if you want to bring a dip, at least make from scratch.

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