16 Great Grain-Based Party Dishes: Risotto, Paella, Biryani, and More

These grain dishes will be a hit at your party

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This Paella is nothing short of amazing.

Cooking with grains can sometimes be unexciting — you probably pair your go-to grain with certain proteins or vegetables over and over again. But they’re actually great when you’re entertaining a crowd. They’re inexpensive and they swell when you cook them, making more for your guests to enjoy. We’re sharing a few grain dishes you should serve at your next party.

16 Great Grain-Based Party Dishes: Risotto, Paella, Biryani, and More

Quinoa has leapt up the ranks this year in the popularity contest (no, it’s not an actual contest, but we do love this healthy grain). It’s very tasty, rich in protein, and easy to cook. If you decide to cook the Quinoa-Crusted Tilapia, be sure to wash it first, as quinoa is coated with saponins and has a naturally bitter taste.

We all know that rice is here to stay. It’s found in countless cultures and countries, and the Creole Shrimp Étouffée recipe we’re sharing is nothing short of amazing. Étouffée is a French word meaning “to smother.” This New Orleans classic is a thick stew, typically cooked with crawfish (depending on the season) and served over rice. It’s very similar to gumbo, another Creole classic.

These are just a few of the rice dishes you can serve, but we have more, using polenta, risotto, and more.

Baked Eggs and Sausage with Cheesy Polenta Casserole

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This dish just makes throwing a brunch party worth it.

Cheesy polenta topped with eggs and a bit of Italian or turkey sausage is perfect for a Sunday brunch. Any cheese can be used, but my favorite is fontina or an old flavor-filled Cheddar. This dish is similar to sausage, eggs, and potatoes, but much healthier, with perfectly matched flavors. — Happy Zhangbo Kitchen

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Étoile's Creamy Sunchoke Risotto

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This creamy risotto is spot on for any dinner party.

Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, sunchokes impart a subtle taste not unlike their that of their namesake to this creamy, golden risotto. Even when thoroughly cooked, sunchokes provide a bit of fresh-tasting crunchiness to any recipe. This classic risotto, distinguished by the use of sparkling wine in place of still, which delivers a delicate twist to the palate, makes a fine first course or a light main course. — Yasmin Fahr


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