14 Cool Things Made Especially for Lefties

It’s not just scissors that left-handers have problems with


Spiral notebooks are a left-hander's worst nightmare.

As a left-hander, I believe I can vouch for all of us when I say that we regularly feel like victims of society: It seems that everything has been set up to make life that much more difficult for the left-handed minority. Thankfully, there is now a day where the 10 percent of the American population that is left handed can finally celebrate our difference: Left-Handers Day, Aug. 13. To mark this day, we have collected a list of our favorite things that have been invented specifically for  left-handers, ranging from kitchen essentials to basic office equipment to furniture.

14 Cool Things Made Especially for Lefties (Slideshow)

Everything seems to be harder for us left-handers, even the most basic daily activities, which the fortunate right-handed majority don’t even think about. Every detail of our day is plagued by an opportunity to be incredibly uncomfortable or challenging just because we’re forced to use our less well-controlled hand. Slicing bread, swiping into the subway, opening doors, taking notes in a meeting, writing on a whiteboard, scrolling through emails, preparing dinner, and opening a bottle of wine are all infinitely more challenging, because everything has been invented for right-handers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there who have noticed that there’s a gap in the market for specialist left-handed equipment, and us left-handers couldn’t be any more grateful. Finally, we’ll be able to peel a potato without slicing our knuckles off, and we can use a ring binder without having to contort our bodies or cause ourselves a great amount of pain in the process.

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