You Absolutely Need a Wine-Filled Pen

One winery is taking the 'drink while you write' mantra a little too seriously
A pen made with wine? Ok.

Vimeo/ Csa Mariol Polonia

Vimeo/ Csa Mariol Polonia

Not that we can't appreciate a little drinking while writing, but this is almost too literal to be true: a winery in Poland has figured out how to sell pens filled with wine, so that you're writing... in wine...

The Huffington Post shares that the Casa Mariol winery made them as an incentive to gain new business, by filling pens with ink made from the winery's cabernet sauvignon and sending them out with order forms. The questions we have: 

What's the ABV in those pens?

How quickly will they dry out? 

What if you broke the pen — will it stain like a normal red wine? (Maybe don't go leaving one this in the bottom of your brand-new white purse.)

How breakable are these pens? 

What happens if you drink it? Can ink kill you? 

What other wines make for a deeper color? 

Still, if you're gong to be all dramatic when writing, we guess writring in wine will make a statement. Check out the video from the winery of the making of the wine-based pens below. 

Casa Mariol - Wine Ink from Casa Mariol Polonia on Vimeo.

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