14 Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Never Forget

14 Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Never Forget

Children's birthday parties are the happiest days made up of presents, laughter, lots of attention, the best party food, endless games, and, most importantly, a birthday cake. This day is the one day of the year when every child deservedly garners all his or her family and friends' attention, and is wonderfully spoilt with presents, a party, and the cake of his or her dreams.

These 14 birthday cakes are certain to thrill every child, and they'll be reminiscing about them even when their 50th birthday rolls around.

Butterfly Cake

Making a butterfly cake is much simpler than you would imagine. The wings can be made from two round cakes cut in half and positioned carefully around the body, which could be of a rectangular slice of cake, or a couple of cupcakes. Decorate it with buttercream in the birthday girl's favorite color, and cover with symmetrical patterns of candy, edible glitter, sprinkles, or even berries for you health-obsessed moms!

Cookies and Cream Cake

Giant chocolate chip cookies piled high and sandwiched together with buttercream or cream cheese frosting is every cookie-lovers dream birthday cake. Seeing such big cookies will amaze all the little kids, and will make them feel like they're at a party where everything is wonderfully supersize.

Disney Cake

Every kid has his or her favorite Disney character, and will, at some point, be desperate for you to turn this character into a birthday cake. Fingers' crossed his or her favorite character is the classic Mickey or Minnie Mouse, in which case you just need to bake one large round cake and two smaller ones, and decorate with a lot of frosting to transform these circular shapes into your child's favorite Disney mouse.

Giant Cupcake

One step up from a selection of perfectly frosted pastel-colored cupcakes is one giant cupcake, big enough to feed the whole party, but still frosted in your child's favorite color, and maintaining all the adorable qualities of its miniature original. The kids will feel like little fairies, biting into this magically oversized cake.

Ice Cream Cake

All kids are certain to scream for ice cream, which is why an extravagant ice cream cake is a brilliant option for every kid who is obsessed with this frozen sweet treat. For a layered ice cream cake, separate the layers with crumbled biscuits, and top the whole creation with plenty of colorful sprinkles. If you want some top tips on how to make the perfect Ice Cream Cake, read more here.

Lion Cake

A fierce but friendly lion cake will please every animal-loving child. Luckily, this is one of the easiest cakes to make, but it looks so impressive. Ice a simple round cake in a deep yellow-colored icing, make the lion's mane out of chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, or even Cheerios cereal, use circular candies for the eyes and ears, and a licorice spiral will make the cutest little nose.

Lollipop Garden Cake

Transform that cake into a beautiful, edible flower garden. Cover a simple layer cake in a light-green-tinted frosting, and decorate with candy and chocolate lollipops — perhaps adding a few gummy animals to really bring the garden to life — to transform the whole thing into a bright, colorful, dream-like flower garden.

Peter Rabbit Cake

What child has not begged his or her parents for a pet bunny at some point before turning 10? Whether you've allowed your child to have his or her own pet rabbit or not, a birthday cake shaped in to this favorite animal will be sure to make any kid jump with joy. A round cake, two ears made from a separate round cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate buttons for the eyes and nose are all you need for a basic bunny birthday cake.

Pirate Ship Cake

A pirate ship cake is an ambitious birthday cake undertaking, but with some good carving and frosting skills, the results will be so impressive. All the kids will think you're a cake-making superstar — which of course you are — and for weeks after they'll be talking about nothing else. This elaborate cake is a dream come true for your child who dreams of being Jack Sparrow.

Rainbow Cake

From the outside, a rainbow layer cake will look like a simple but striking sprinkle-covered, layered sponge cake. But when you cut into it, revealing the brightly colored rainbow sponge layers, everyone will gasp, in awe of its beauty. Make sure you capture that smile on your child's face on camera: It will be a moment of happiness you'll never want to forget.

Rainbow Fish Cake

rainbow fish cake will thrill any girl obsessed with pretty colors and lots of sparkles. A beautiful array of shimmering scales made of stripes of colorful candy wafers just need to be dotted onto a pale blue buttercream. An extra sprinkling of edible glitter will make it look as if this fish is as magical as the book recounts.

Rocket Ship Cake

Blast into outer space with a rocket ship cake, decorated with an explosive sparkler. This has got to be one of the most requested cakes of all time from all 10-year-old boys. Frost it with a light Italian buttercream, pipe on your child's name as if it were the name of the rocket ship, and add extra detail with colorful icing. Balance a toy astronaut on top, and this rocket ship is ready for take-off.

Superman Cake

What little boy doesn't dream of one day becoming his favorite superhero? By covering a square or circular cake in blue frosting, and carefully icing on the Superman logo, you'll have transformed a basic sponge cake into an admirable birthday party centerpiece. Tell your child that it will give him or her superpowers, and you'll have a group of kids running around, trying to save the world for the rest of the afternoon.

Surprise-Inside Cake

Also called piñata cakes, these magical cakes add the perfect element of surprise to your kid's birthday party. All the children will be giggling with delight as they see the hidden candy pour out from the secret space inside this layer cake. Delicious hidden treasure inside a beautifully iced cake: What better birthday present could there be?