12 Things You Should Never Do for a DIY Wedding

Don’t make your wedding day even more stressful by trying to cater it yourself


It's not easy to get the perfect photo of a bride in her wedding dress, so this job is better left to the experts.

There is no denying how expensive weddings are: Even if you plan on having a low-key, relaxed wedding with just your closest family and friends, the price of everything will soon add up to an astronomical sum. So it’s no surprise that DIY weddings have rapidly grown in popularity.  Brides and grooms (and their families) are now attempting to tackle every part of the wedding set-up and hosting themselves: Everything from the cake, to the invitations, to the bride’s bouquet are often now “homemade” in order to save money. But which parts of a wedding are really feasible to DIY… And which parts aren’t? Let’s have a look at the parts of a DIY wedding that should really be avoided, regardless of the cost.

12 Things You Should Never Do for a DIY Wedding (Slideshow)

There are certain parts of a DIY wedding that we would definitely encourage you to take on: You can totally make your own menu, you can create the signage to the venue yourself, you can do your own make-up, and you can make your own wedding favors. All of these things will be fun to undertake, will save you money, and will not look amateur or stingy.  However, do not attempt to take on the more significant and challenging parts of your wedding day yourself. There’s been tales of brides making their own dresses, of baking and decorating their own cakes, even of brides attempting to take control of the kitchen midway through the reception as they put themselves in charge of the catering. As the bride and groom, you already have so much to do: Your wedding will be emotionally overwhelming, there’s so many people you need to spend time with, and you need to enjoy yourself, too, so taking on one of these tasks is going to result in a stressful, hectic wedding.


Read on to find out which 12 elements of a wedding we strongly advise against taking on, no matter how tight your wedding budget is.