12 Fun Food Activities To Do On A Snow Day Gallery

12 Fun Food Activities to Do on a Snow Day

Snowflakes are falling from the sky as soon as you wake up, and you already know that school and work are going to be cancelled. The roads are closed, and your car is buried beneath a blanket of white snow, preventing you from going anywhere. Your kids wake you up with excitement, ready to play all day, but you can't think of any way to entertain them indoors. Whoever told us not to play with our food didn't understand how much fun it can be. These snowy day activities are simple to set up and will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. They all incorporate food, so most involve eating as well!

Bake Chocolate Chip cookies

Baking a batch of cookies is fun, time-consuming, and makes the entire house smell delicious. Get your kids to measure out the ingredients for your homemade cookie dough. Then, have them shape the balls for the baking sheets. If they're old enough, you can even help them practice their math skills by having them calculate what time the cookies will be ready.

Cereal Bracelets

Gather some colorful cereals, like Froot Loops or Fruity Cheerios, and have your kids string the cereal pieces onto string for bracelets. The kids will have fun searching in the cereal piles for the perfect colors, and they will have an edible bracelet when they finish with their creation.

Dirt Cups

Indulgent dirt cups taste so good and are so much fun to make. With chocolate pudding, gummy worms, crushed-up Oreos, and any other sweet ingredients you want to add, you can have your kids build their own dirt cups to enjoy as an after-dinner treat.

Fruit Caterpillar

Have everyone make their own fruit caterpillars with different colored grapes and berries using long wooden skewers. Use a larger berry for the face, like a strawberry, and give your caterpillars pretzel antennas for a crunchy top to these berry delicious creatures.

Food Animals

Aside from fruit caterpillars, there are so many cool animals that you can make out of food, like banana penguins or kiwi turtles. Whatever your child's favorite animal is, use that as inspiration for your food. For example, if your child loves giraffes, have them build a giraffe out of celery sticks (for the legs), orange-colored tomatoes (for the body), and a strawberry (for the head). 

Gingerbread House

Baking the walls for a gingerbread house gets the whole house smelling like Christmas. Have everyone decorate his or her own gingerbread house with icing and candies. Put them on display for everyone to see after these masterpieces are complete.

Homemade Pizza

Making pizza from scratch takes a while, and can be really entertaining. Have everyone roll out his or her own pizza dough,. Then set up a topping bar so that everyone can decorate the miniature pizzas.  Your kids can even make funny faces out of the decorations on top of the customized pies.

Macaroni Art

Creating macaroni art is fun, simple, and a great family activity for any snowy day because you already have the necessary materials in your home. Just use a box of macaroni, some construction paper, and glue to set up your kids with an afternoon activity full of artistic creativity.  

Marshmallow Snowmen

Skewer together two marshmallows on a toothpick, and have your kids decorate them to create snowmen with funny faces and accessories. They can use edible ink for the faces and Fruit Roll-Ups to tie around the snowmen for their scarves. These also look great at any Christmas party on the dessert table.

Rice Krispies Treat Trees

Making these trees is so simple, and they look so cute displayed in the kitchen. First melt marshmallows in a pot. Then, simply dye the melted marshmallow mix green, and mix it together with the cereal. Mold the cooled Rice Krispies Treats into cone shapes to look like trees once the mixture has cooled. Have your kids decorate the trees with M&M's and homemade icing. Use a miniature Reese's pieces cup for the stem.

Santa Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes is a great way to get everyone into the spirit for the holidays. Making Santa faces on your cupcakes is super simple. Just place miniature marshmallows on top of your vanilla frosting in a "D" shape for the beard, leaving the inside of the "D" open. Then create your face under the line of the "D" inside the letter with miniature chocolate chips for the eyes and a red M&M for the nose. Sprinkle the other part of the cupcake that is not included in the "D" with red sprinkles for Santa's hat.

Volcano Craziness

While you can't eat this one, it's an awesome activity to do on a snowy day. Build an easy papier mâché volcano, and have your kids paint it to look like a real volcano. Use a homemade mâché mixture and build the mountain around an empty soda bottle. Fill the bottle (with a little room on the top) with warm water and a few drops of red food coloring. Add six drops of detergent to the bottle, and then add two tablespoons of baking soda. Finally, slowly pour vinegar into the bottle and stand back for the enormous (but safe) eruption!

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