10 Ways Midwesterners Are Friendlier Than You

There are many stereotypes about Midwesterners. They put ranch dressing on everything. They probably live across the street from a corn field. They love football. Cheese is a major food group, second only to fried dishes. And, yeah, a lot of those things are true. This born and bred Midwesterner will admit it. But if there's one major stereotype about the Midwest, it's that the people there are really friendly.

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Yes, that Midwestern friendliness is a signature characteristic of folks from the middle part of the country. Meet someone from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, or even the Dakotas and you'll be greeted warmly and genuinely.

But unlike with Midwesterners counterparts in the South or their neighbors to north in Canada, you have to put a little work in to experience genuine Midwestern friendliness. Once you do, though, a Midwesterner will be the first to get you anything you need, bring you a pasta bake during a time of need, or apologize when they're in the wrong. If you're wondering about these and other ways in which Midwesterners are friendlier than you, click here to find out.