10 Ways to Be a Better Host in the New Year

Start off your year right by throwing a killer Super Bowl party
10 Ways to Be a Better Host in the New Year


Improve your hosting and party planning skills by throwing a Super Bowl bash this year!

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more social or throw more parties, a great place to start is the Super Bowl. Set on the first Sunday in February, the biggest day in professional sports gives you an excuse to invite your friends over and throw a party. It also gives you a great opportunity to brush up on your party-hosting skills and keep up on the resolution to be an engaging (and well-prepared) host.

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Of course, being a better host means engaging with your guests, allowing them to get to know one another, and serving up all the classic party foods. But it also involves a lot of work in advance: You need to clean your house, have a game plan for the big game, make sure you chop your vegetables, and decorate your home ahead of time.


Being a better party host is an easier and way more fun resolution than losing weight or exercising more. Try it out with these 10 easy tips!