The Best Things To Say In A Wedding Toast

We are gathered here today to talk about the best things to say in a wedding toast. It's all about sharing personal anecdotes, keeping things light and appropriate, and making sure the newlyweds know how much you care for them. So, in honor of the happy couple, let's raise a glass to giving the perfect speech.

“Excuse me…”

If you give a speech in the middle of a bustling wedding reception without clinking your glass to get the room's attention, did you even make the speech? Start off with a quick and polite "Excuse me, I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about the bride and the groom," to ensure you have everyone's ears.

An introduction

If you're the maid of honor or best man, many people in the room will already know who you are and what your relationship to the couple is. But you'll still be a new face to quite a few people, so be sure to introduce yourself and state how long you've known the bride and groom.

Sincere thoughts and feelings

It may be hard to express your feelings to a crowd, but people will pick up on an impersonal, generic toast. Sprinkle your speech with fond memories and well wishes. Even if you happen to have had a bumpy relationship with your friend's new spouse or their relationship has been rocky, leave those thoughts on the cutting room floor for this speech.

Personal, warm anecdotes

Share a personal story in your speech about your relationship with the bride or groom. It will help to connect the audience to you as a speaker and will give your friend confidence that they made the right choice in choosing you for this moment.

“I love you”

Make sure you express your fondness for the person who asked you to stand next to them on the most important day of their life. And welcome their new partner into your life by expressing your genuine love and feelings of friendship toward them as well.

Appropriate compliments to your friend’s new spouse

Be sure to pay your friend's spouse some compliments, but keep them PG. Wedding guests do not need to know how hot you think the bride looks or how jealous you are of their love.

A story about the couple

Bring the speech back around to the couple by sharing a story about their relationship. It can be anything, as long as it showcases their love and adoration for one another in a positive way. Perhaps a sweet story of a romantic adventure they took would do the trick.

Words of advice

Something lighthearted, like reminding the couple to alternate who cooks dinner every night, never go to bed angry or not take fries from each other's plate when if you said you didn't want any.

Express your happiness

A wedding is a happy day for the couple, but it should be a happy day for those who love the couple as well. Be sure to express how happy you are for the newlyweds and for their day. It will make a world of difference.

“So here’s to the bride and groom…”