10 Things To Never, Ever Say In A Wedding Toast

You've been there all along the way, helping the couple pick out their flowers, coordinating with vendors, helping to put stamps on invitations, and you've even agreed to wear some godawful shade of puce on your vest or bridesmaid dress. And — what do you know?! — the wedding of your best friend's dreams is just one week away.

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It seems like you've done everything that has been asked of you... except in the midst of making sure that the groom's creepy friend Carl sits nowhere near the bride's 17-year-old cousin, you've forgotten that you need to give a toast. You're in a bit of a panic, because the only things that pop in your mind are the illegal hijinks, drunken bachelorette party, and how many women the groom dated before he finally settled down.

Before you think about including any of these things in your wedding toast: STOP. Put the pen down and think long and hard about boundaries. There are some things that are definitely better left unsaid in a wedding toast. But don't worry, we're here to tell you the 10 things you should never, ever say in a toast no matter the circumstances.