10 Irish-Themed Parties Slideshow

Celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with a fun twist on Irish partying

"Pub Crawl" Party

Create the feel of an Irish pub crawl without guests ever leaving your living room. Set up drinking "stations" around the room that highlight authentic Irish ales that perfectly pair with a boozy drink, like mini stout cakes or Smithwick’s Irish Ale Crab Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers. For décor, use vintage bar signs, chalkboards with the day’s "specials," and keep the lighting and colors dim to reflect the inside of an Irish pub — and don’t forget the traditional Irish drinking songs playlist. In addition to Guinness and the Smithwick's, include true Irish classics like Bulmers Cider, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale, and Murphy’s Irish Red Ale for a great flavor variety. You’ll give your guests an authentic Irish drinking experience they are sure to remember — provided they don’t get too into the night’s theme. 

Irish Bites: Looking for a hearty way to infuse Irish drinks into meals? Try making this easy Crock-Pot Guinness Stew that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Irish Breakfast

On many Saturdays in early March, we treat ourselves to all-day Irish extravaganzas with parades and local pub crawls. Why not start the day off right before everyone gets on the bus? A full Irish Breakfast Party is so easy to host — just offer tons of eggs, ham, and other Irish treats to start the day with a full stomach so you can last until the wee hours of the morning.

Irish bites: Dare to start the day off drinking? Blend your boozy craving and the perfect pick-me-up with a splash of traditional Irish coffee.

Jameson Party

Nothing beats the smoothness of Jameson — especially in unexpectedly refreshing cocktails. Educate your guests by hosting a Jameson-focused party where you can serve everything from ginger ale and Jameson to a Jameson Irish Tea Party Cocktail. To host a hilarious party in honor of the "official drink of St. Patrick’s day," why not look to Jameson’s "The Hawk of Achill" commercial for inspiration? Reconstruct whiskey barrels by using repurposed wood around a functional keg and have guests arrive in the appropriate time period garb. Serve an extra-large stuffed bird as a main dish and litter the place with ornate bottles of Jameson by having guests BYOB.

Irish Bites: Cupcakes are amazing, but boozy cupcakes are a gift from the drinking gods. Enjoy these liquored-up, very Irish, Jameson-inspired cupcakes!

Murphy's Law Party

A superstitious people, the Irish have just as many ways to curse you as they do to bless you. What better way to celebrate Irish heritage then to center your party on their beliefs? Think classic Celtic décor for your motif, and modern-traditional dishes to serve with "Irish surprises" in them, modeled after many traditions of baking charms into food as predictions for the year’s events. Keep guests laughing by doing a game of charades where teams have to act out the curse or blessing they draw.

Irish bites: Everyone loves traditional soda bread, but you can leave guests with a little more than a tasty treat. In mini-soda bread loaves, bake Irish blessings into each one that your guests will love receiving — just make sure you warn them first!



What do you get when an evil spirit father and a degenerative fairy mother make plans to start a family? Why, a leprechaun of course! While our favorite little man in green really began in Ireland as a 3-foot-tall mischief-making, sheep rider in red, we can still use this playful Irish icon to host a fabulous party. Have guests arrive in their best leprechaun costumes, and set up adorable leprechaun traps around your party space. Don’t forget to use the colors of the rainbow in your décor and leprechaun games for your guests to enjoy.

Irish Bites: For adorably tasty themed treats, try making golden colored macaroons and putting them in small black cauldron pots for authentic looking pots-o-gold.


The Irish shamrock was a sacred, ancient plant that was said to be the symbol for the rebirth of spring. While its use evolved from a sign of national pride to a coveted good luck charm, the shamrock is ever present as the representative for the island. Since St. Patrick himself was said to use the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, there is nothing more authentic to host your St. Paddy’s Day party around! Kelly green colors, easy shamrock décor, and tons of Irish pride are all that are needed to make this party a success.

Irish bites: Feelin’ lucky? Get into the holiday spirit with the shamrocked shot — a sure-fire way to make sure everyone will be having a good time! 

Irish Shepherd

The rolling green hills of the Emerald Isle are dotted with fluffy herds of sheep that often show up as funny fodder in tourist shops across the country. Pay homage to the cute (and let’s be honest, tasty) critters by hosting an Irish shepherd party. Fluffy cotton balls and tiny trinkets can turn your living room into a lovely lamb oasis; simply add splashes of green to bring the space back to its Irish roots. Adorable sheep snacks will bring your motif totally together, including innovative uses of marshmallows and cereal.

Irish Bites: If you want to give your guests a creative way to enjoy their drinks, serve them like you would to a baby lamb and invest in cheap baby bottles with milk-based cocktails like Kahlúa and Cream. Serve up shepherd’s pie to keep their bellies full and your theme well put together


"Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew" — the hobbits and the Irish have it right: potatoes are a slice of starchy heaven no matter how you serve them. In honor of overcoming the potato famine, host a potato party that will have every guest hungry for more. For unique décor, dress up Mr.  & Mrs. Potato Heads in Irish garb and flashy green couture. You can serve spuds in a multitude of ways with a DIY mashed potato bar and tons of bowls of flavored chips. This versatile food list will be great to help your guests keep the drunken munchies at bay.

Irish Bites: Looking to create some more authentic Irish potato dishes? Check out these recipes for potato inspiration. 

Irish Oscars

From Oscar Wilde to U2, Ireland has a ton of prodigies to be proud of. A fun way to ring in another St. Patrick’s Day would be to host a grand costume party where guests can dress up as their favorite famous Irish person. Roll out the "green carpet" and host an evening fit for the Irish stars by creating an elegant affair in Kelly green with appropriate hors d'oeuvres that will keep the A-list buzzing.

Irish Bites: Put away the green beer! Serve the Irish celebrities in your life the fanciest, most flavorful green cocktails to keep the party buzzing. 

Celtic Creatures

Looking at the landscape of Ireland, it is easy to imagine that fairies, goblins and púca (shape-shifters) could have once deep in the moss-covered hills. Celebrate Ireland’s rich folklore history by hosting the ultimate Celtic costume party, where attendees can dress as their favorite mythological creatures. Turn your backyard into a magical forest and serve out-of-this-world desserts to leave guests believing in the impossible.

Irish Bites: It is a known fact that fairies and goblins have huge sweets cravings, so satisfy them with very luscious, extremely satisfying Green with Envy Cheesecake Bars