Woman Finds Dead Rodent Baked Into Her Chick-fil-A Sandwich

She’s since filed a lawsuit against the fast food chain

A Philadelphia woman is suing Chick-fil-A after finding a dead mouse in her sandwich. reports that Ellen Manfalouti, 46, found the tiny rodent baked into a chicken sandwich her coworker purchased from the chain’s drive-thru in November 2016. When she started to eat it, she felt something funny on the bottom of the bun, “I turned it over. I said [to my coworker], ‘They burned my roll really bad.’”

Her coworker, Cara Phelan, noticed the mouse right away.

“I realized it was a small rodent of some sort. I could see the whiskers and the tail,” she told

chick-fil-a mouse

Courtesy of Attorney William A Davis

Manfalouti’s lawyer, Bill Davis, says he filed the lawsuit last week —which seeks more than $50,000 for physical and psychological injuries — against Chick-fil-A franchise owner David Heffernan and the store (2424 E. Lincoln Highway) after Heffernan refused to address the complaint or seek a resolution. Heffernan declined to offer any comment on the matter, saying, “We’re not going to make any comment about any allegations. It’s an ongoing allegation and investigation.”

The lawsuit claims that the defendants “failed to supervise employees who intentionally and/or knowingly served a sandwich to a customer with a dead rodent baked into the bun” and “failed to have proper procedures in place to inspect their own food products before selling them to customers.”

After the incident, Manfalouti claims to have been admitted to St. Mary’s Medical Center’s emergency room where she was given intravenous medication for nausea. Later, her own physician prescribed her a medication for nausea, and she saw a psychologist for anxiety. Finding a foreign substance in your meal can undoubtedly be alarming — here are 15 of the weirdest things ever found in food.

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