There's An Amusement Park For Mice In Sweden

As humans we seem to have a strange fascination with miniature things — like tiny ice cream cones, tiny entrees, tiny coffees, and tiny hamburgers. So it makes complete sense why people are going crazy for this mouse-sized amusement park in Malmö, Sweden.

The Swedish Art Collective created this little park as part of the AnonyMouse art installation and as a place for city mice to, well, hang out. The attention to detail is amazing, with a terrorizing roller coaster (cleverly shaped like a cat), a small popcorn stand, a Ferris wheel, a mini porta-potty, and a fortune teller named Madame Raclette. How cheesy, right?

The artists' original version of the project, created in December but destroyed shortly afterward, included a mouse restaurant called Il Topolino (or "Mickey Mouse"), which offered cheese and crackers for the mice, and a store called Noix de Vie (or "Nuts of Life"), which offered nuts. Only time will tell how long this amusement park will last, but the creators plan to expand on this concept. They haven't shared any ideas, but it's practically guaranteed to be adorable.