Two Years After Going ‘All-Natural,’ Trix Is Bringing Back Artificial Flavors and Colors

Consumers weren’t interesting in buying the "new and improved" Trix

It was only last month that we reminisced about Trix’s days of being fruit-shaped and brightly colored, back before the popular children’s cereal decided to phase out artificial colors and flavors and become noticeably duller than it had been in the past. We apparently weren’t the only ones who weren’t too happy with the new formula, because two years after being altered, General Mills has announced that Trix is reverting back to its old, unnatural formula.

In 2015, in an effort to appeal to parents who were concerned about their children consuming artificial colors and flavors, General Mills removed them and replaced them with ingredients like turmeric and strawberry. The end result was a cereal with duller colors, and because suitable alternatives for blue and green couldn’t be found, those colors were eliminated completely. But the move was greeted with much more backlash than expected (if parents aren’t concerned about loading their kids up with sugar, why would they be concerned about feeding them food dye?), and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company received lots of letters from parents asking for the old colors to come back.

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The company has apparently had a change of heart, because the old formula — complete with the original colors and flavors — is coming back. The new old product, called Classic Trix, will be hitting supermarket shelves in October, and it will be sold alongside the all-natural version. For the most popular breakfast cereals through the decades, click here.