Taco Bell’s First-Ever Vegetarian Menu Features 2 New Menu Items

These new items include black beans instead of beef
taco bell vegetarian
Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s new vegetarian menu includes a Quesarito (left) and a Crunchwrap Supreme (right).

Although customers have always been able to customize their Taco Bell orders to be vegetarian or even vegan, Taco Bell is now testing out its first-ever dedicated vegetarian menu board. The board will feature two new vegetarian twists on classic Taco Bell menu items.

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Beginning April 4, Taco Bell locations in Dallas, Texas, will post a vegetarian menu that will offer the chain’s 13 American Vegetarian Association-certified items as well as two new vegetarian menu items that might sound familiar: The chain is introducing a vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme as well as a vegetarian Quesarito during the testing period.

taco bell

Lily Rose

Taco Bell's new vegetarian Crunchwrap Supreme.

If you were expecting Impossible meat or another newfangled vegan meat alternative, however, you may be a little disappointed: These new Crunchwraps and Quesaritos include vegan black beans as the protein. But this reporter had the opportunity to try the two new menu items and found them to be just as filling and flavorful as the meat versions. The Crunchwrap might be even better without the meat.

taco bell

Lily Rose

Taco Bell's new vegetarian Quesarito.

The testing period is expected to run for only a few months, exclusively at Dallas Taco Bell locations, and depending on its success, customers could expect a national rollout by late 2019 or early 2020.

This isn’t the first time a fast food chain has expanded its roster of meatless options. In March, for example, Chipotle released new vegan and vegetarian lifestyle bowls built from existing menu options, much like what Taco Bell is doing now, and both White Castle and Burger King have added meatless Impossible Burgers to their menus.


If you don’t live in Dallas and still want to try the new vegetarian Crunchwrap and vegetarian Quesarito, you can always customize your meal on the Taco Bell website and mobile app with the “Make It Meatless” and “Fresco Style” options that swap out meat for pinto or black beans. Plus, you can even order it without any milk-based products like sour cream or cheese, making a vegan alternative so good you won’t miss meat or dairy.