Taco Bell's Breakfast Menu Expands With New Toasted Burritos

Taco Bell's breakfast menu is expanding. Beginning March 12, the cult-favorite fast food chain is adding a lineup of three new toasted breakfast burritos, starting at the low, low price of $1.

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The three new toasted breakfast burritos have a little something for every kind of breakfast fan. The Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito is the smallest of the bunch and contains eggs, nacho cheese sauce and sausage. If you want to live más, the belly-busting Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito features double scrambled eggs, three cheeses, potato bites, pico de gallo and your choice of bacon or sausage. One of the most iconic breakfast foods of all time, the hash brown is also joining the toasted breakfast burrito game. The Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito comes with your choice of bacon or sausage, eggs, three cheeses and a hash brown.

Pricing and participation will vary depending on location, but an a la carte Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito will start at $1. The suggested price for the Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito is $2.79, and the Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito will run for $1.99.

These three new burritos join Taco Bell's extensive breakfast menu, which already includes grilled breakfast burritos, a breakfast Crunchwrap, breakfast quesadilla, breakfast soft taco and more.

This is far from the only change on the Taco Bell menu in the past year. In September 2019, the Tex-Mex chain announced it was slimming down its menu and dropped fan-favorite options like the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco and Beefy Mini Quesadilla. Taco Bell also rolled out a vegetarian-friendly menu in the same month. But if you want to start your day off with one of these new breakfast burritos, hit up Taco Bell in the a.m. and make sure you know when your favorite chain restaurant stops serving breakfast.