Steakhouse Secrets Only The Experts Know

There's no fine dining experience quite like the one you'll have in a great steakhouse. In a world where most high-end restaurants tend to skew toward the precious and intricate, having a big slab of perfectly cooked beef placed before you can make for a much-appreciated change of pace. But how exactly do steakhouse chefs consistently turn out steaks that are so inexplicably tender and delicious? And why does it seem to be nearly impossible to replicate a steakhouse steak at home?

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There are a handful of reasons why it's not easy to make a steak at home that bears even a passing resemblance to the one you'll be served at your local Ruth's Chris. Just about every step of the process is different, from the meat quality to seasoning, cooking technique, heat level, and even the addition of a secret ingredient or two. There are also a few things that go on behind the scenes at great steakhouses that you might not have realized. For one, some steakhouses par-cook their steaks before service, then finish them over high heat when they're ordered. There's not much of a reason to do that at home.

Surprisingly, there's one tool that's essential to cooking a great steak at home that you won't find in most steakhouse kitchens: a digital meat thermometer. If you find out exactly what temperature is perfect for you, you'll never screw up a home-cooked steak again. However, great steakhouses still have a few tricks up their sleeves that make them, well, great steakhouses.