Soak In 11 Herbs And Spices With KFC's Drumstick Bath Bomb

KFC has created drumstick-shaped bath bombs so your tub water can smell like fried chicken. Why go to Bath & Body Works and pay for nicely scented soap when you reek of greasy poultry instead?

KFC is partnering with Village Vanguard, the same company behind ramen soup-scented bath salts, to make "Chicken smell bathing powder," according to Metro News. But, you can't actually buy them. Only 100 KFC bath bombs will be made and given to lucky lottery winners in Japan. The chosen ones will be selected between November 1 and November 15.

"Mmm... might eat myself after a bath," @denmagic tweeted.

@dilemmalord offered a meme of Stranger Things' beloved Steve Harrington.

"PSA: I think the fried chicken bath bomb is one of the weirdest things ever, despite my love of fried chicken. THIS IS TOO FAR KFC," wrote @Jkitty107.

And @Dollarsigncott reminded us all to "be thankful you exist at the same time as kfc bath bombs."

If you do live in Japan — and truly want one of these things — you can enter the contest by retweeting KFC's tweet.

At this point, it's safe to say Japan is known for off-the-wall food items — "Leftover bathwater," Nicolas Cage corn puffs, coffee-infused Coca Cola, and cheese smoothies. Here are some things you can get in the country's vending machines.