Smell Like Ramen With Soup-Scented Bath Salts from Japan

Everyone who wants to smell like soup now has a way to do that

People who want to smell like soup can now enjoy new ramen- and miso-scented bath powders from Japan.

The world is full of people who want strange things and have a hard time finding them, but now life is a little bit easier for all the copious numbers of people who have secretly been desiring to relax in a big bathtub full of soup, because soup-scented bath packets are available from Japan.

According to Rocket News 24, everyone’s new favorite bath powders look exactly like those little flavor packets that come with instant ramen, except they’re huge and meant to be poured into a hot bath. They come in many flavors, including miso soup, ramen, beef bowl, curry, hotpot, and fried noodles. They’re not actually meant to be eaten, but some intrepid person is virtually guaranteed to have a taste. After turning one’s bath into a giant tub of soup, the temptation to taste it would be hard to resist.

It’s unclear why anyone would want to go around smelling like soup all day, but anyone for whom that is a dream can acquire the new bath powders from the Village Vanguard novelty products website for about $3.15 per packet.