Purple Yam Cheesecake to Dragon Dumplings: 16 Starbucks Food Items You Won't Find in the U.S.

International Starbucks locations have a lot of surprises in store

Dragon Dumplings are a popular dessert at Starbucks in China and Taiwan.

You might not have realized this, but Starbucks has locations in 75 countries around the world. And just like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and plenty of other chains with international locations, the culinary offerings can be as diverse as the countries they’re in. Here are 16 international Starbucks food items that you won’t find anywhere in the U.S.

Purple Yam Cheesecake to Dragon Dumplings: 16 Starbucks Food Items You Won't Find in the U.S. (Slideshow)

There are more than 25,000 locations of Starbucks around the world, and for a chain that specializes in coffee they pay a lot more attention to food than you might think. In fact, the size of the menu rivals some food-focused chains: 14 hot breakfast items, more than 50 bakery items, 20 “Mercato” sandwiches and salads, six “protein boxes,” and three yogurt parfaits. The chain has also been constantly tweaking its food menu in recent years trying to get it right; in 2012, Starbucks purchased a bakery chain called La Boulange in order to improve its food, but last year the chain shut down all La Boulange locations, and the bakery’s future (and influence) is up in the air. It also purchased an artisan Italian bakery called Princi last year to become the exclusive food purveyor at locations of the upscale Starbucks Roastery, which are the first to actually offer onsite baking.

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You might be able to get a Grande Caramel Macchiato at every location of Starbucks worldwide, but you certainly can’t get an Omelette Façon Piperade; you’ll have to go to France for that. Click here to see 16 menu items you can only get abroad; we have to admit, we’re a little jealous.