Pressed Juicery Brings Healthy Soft Serve to New York City

Made of 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices, this dessert is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and perfect for summer

You'll never go back to boring, generic, and chemical-filled frozen yogurt again!

If you consider yourself a dessert connoisseur (as I do), you can agree that when you want dessert, you just want that: dessert. Full fat, full sugar, and 100 percent delicious. Why make something that’s meant to be indulgent anything but? For example, a healthy doughnut? No, thanks.

However, every once in a while you discover a dessert that’s both fabulous and healthy. And it’s life changing.

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Pressed Juicery’s Columbia University location is the only one on the East Coast that offers your new favorite icy treat: Freeze. The vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free frozen treat is made from only the ingredients found in Pressed Juicery’s juices ― real fruits and vegetables, almonds, coconuts, and dates with an occasional pinch of dark chocolate, no preservatives or binders. This frozen soft serve is actually guilt-free. Mind blown, am I right?
Pressed Juicery proudly contrasts its ingredients with those found in other frozen yogurts. For example, its vanilla flavor consists of four ingredients. In comparison, Yogurtland’s vanilla flavor contains tons of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.

Freeze is available in four flavors: greens (a combination of kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, apple, lemon, dates, and coconut meat); fruits (a mix of apple, strawberry, dates, and coconut meat); vanilla (almonds, dates, vanilla bean, and sea salt); and chocolate (a blend of almonds, dates, cacao, and sea salt).

Toppings include healthy options such as fresh fruit, granola, chia seeds, coconut, almond butter, and a decadent chocolate drizzle made from dark chocolate, coconut oil, and honey. My go-to is a vanilla and chocolate soft serve combo topped with shredded coconut, almond butter, cacao drizzle, berries, and finally a sprinkled of Himalayan sea salt. Yasss.

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