Pizza Hut's New Delivery Truck Makes Pizzas While It Drives to Your Location

This is just a prototype for what could be

Pizza Hut has revealed a futuristic pizza delivery truck that cooks the pizza in the truck bed so it’s hot and fresh upon delivery.

Now you can have defrosted pizza delivered to you fast! If you don’t feel like turning on your oven and popping in one of the five Tombstone pizzas you probably have buried deep in your freezer, Pizza Hut has a solution for you. The brand has teamed up with Toyota to develop the prototype for a mobile pizza factory that works sort of like an Uber, but instead of taking you places, it delivers hot pizza.

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The zero-emission truck is called the Tundra PIE Pro, and debuted at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show. In its bed is a pizza factory on wheels that consists of a refrigerator, robotic arms, and an oven. The whole point of the truck is to get pizza to you fast (and eliminate any human labor). According to a press release from the brand, when you order your pizza, the truck’s robotic arms pop a frozen pre-made pizza out of the fridge and into the oven, where it will bake in six to seven minutes. It’s then sliced and boxed and ready for you to eat once it arrives at your location.

We’re not sure if you’ll have to order this pizza through an app or over the phone. We can’t tell if a human being will be driving the vehicle or even how customizable the pizzas will be, as they are pre-made. This was only a test-truck, after all, so who knows if it will ever even hit the road.


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