Oreo Does It Again: New Key Lime Flavor Hits Select Stores

The newest flavor in the Oreo family is here

Nabisco has churned out another variation of its most popular cookie.


Oreo is expanding on their already massive variety of flavors with a new Key lime pie variety of their beloved cookie.

These new cookies, released July 6, do away with Oreo’s iconic chocolate cookies and replace them with graham cracker-flavored ones — similar to the S’mores Oreos. A Key lime-flavored filling binds the cookies together.

The packages are slightly smaller than usual: They’ve been slimmed down to 10.7 ounces, while traditional Oreos come in 15.5-ounce packages.

This Oreo comes on the heels of another new release: Oreo Thins. That cookie is a thinner, lower-calorie version of the standard Oreo. 

Inventive flavors aren’t anything new from Oreo. They’ve released candy-inspired Oreos, holiday-themed Oreos, and even hybrid Oreos.


For now, Key Lime Pie Oreos are only available at select retailers, an Oreo spokesman told The Daily Meal.