Oreo Does It Again: New Key Lime Flavor Hits Select Stores

The newest flavor in the Oreo family is here

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Nabisco has churned out another variation of its most popular cookie.


Oreo is expanding on their already massive variety of flavors with a new Key lime pie variety of their beloved cookie.

These new cookies, released July 6, do away with Oreo’s iconic chocolate cookies and replace them with graham cracker-flavored ones — similar to the S’mores Oreos. A Key lime-flavored filling binds the cookies together.

The packages are slightly smaller than usual: They’ve been slimmed down to 10.7 ounces, while traditional Oreos come in 15.5-ounce packages.

This Oreo comes on the heels of another new release: Oreo Thins. That cookie is a thinner, lower-calorie version of the standard Oreo. 

Inventive flavors aren’t anything new from Oreo. They’ve released candy-inspired Oreos, holiday-themed Oreos, and even hybrid Oreos.

For now, Key Lime Pie Oreos are only available at select retailers, an Oreo spokesman told The Daily Meal.

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