Olive Garden's ‘Breadstick Ballads’ Are Exactly What Your Valentine's Day Needs

Olive Garden, will you be ours?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Olive Garden’s hunky-sounding resident guitarist, Alfredo, is composing romantic Valentine’s Day ballads for fans of the brand. Twitter users can tweet at the brand with their name and get a personalized “Breadstick Ballad” about something much more romantic than a bouquet of flowers — we’re talking carbs.

“We’ll call you angel hair ‘cause you are extra fine. Oh you know we’ve got gnocchi, and we serve up shrimp scami…” Alfredo softly sings in one personalized Breadstick Ballad while strumming a guitar, giving us heartthrob Damien Rice vibes while charming us with promises of fluffy pillows of gnocchi.

Besides singing to O.G. fans, our new true love Alfredo even serenaded celebrities! He sang one for Katy Perry, and in the tweet tried to romance her by saying, “You’ve got a big space in our pasta hearts.”

He also sang one for gorgeous model Ashley Graham and one for our West Coast Editor and noted pasta-lover Lily Rose.

Twitter found the whole ordeal beyond amazing.

“I’m not saying I’ve sent this to all of my friends, but I might’ve sent this to all my friends. & am now contemplating driving an hour for Olive Garden. Solely bc this song is the best,” tweeted one user named Shayna.

“THIS IS THE BEST SONG,” exclaimed @itsbrittcasey about her personalized ballad.

They even made a gluten-free serenade as per the special request of Twitter user Lauren Ekey.

Don’t think the dulcet tones of an Olive Garden guitarist can cure your achy-breaky carbo-loaded V-Day heart? Here’s how to have a good time on Valentine’s Day even if you’re single.