Why Are There No In-N-Out Burgers In New York?

In-N-Out Burger is a cult-favorite West Coast chain that's best known for its high-quality burgers, no-frills menu, and low prices. As opposed to most fast food chains, however, which are constantly looking for ways to expand, In-N-Out is perfectly content staying just the way it is, rarely, if ever, changing its menu and only expanding within a well-defined geographical zone that never comes close to the East Coast. Why is this?
First of all, it's important to know that unlike most fast food chains, all In-N-Out locations are company-owned, as opposed to franchises. Owner Lynsi Torres refuses to sell franchises because her priority is maintaining quality, and franchises allow for too many variables.

The second reason for not expanding is the fact that no locations have freezers or microwaves, and that's not about to change. For that reason, the chain's distribution centers (there's only one in California and one in Texas) need to be within a day's drive from every location. If it were to expand beyond that, it would need to open more distribution centers and completely change the supply chain. So any In-N-Out Burgers you see in New York are likely to be a hoax.

So if you happen to live near an In-N-Out Burger, consider yourself lucky. And now that you've learned the basics of In-N-Out Burger, check out more things you don't know about this chain.